The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Sami Gonzales is, for the most part, a normal teenage girl. She has great expectations and high hopes. When she moves back to her hometown in Washington everything changes. She goes from normal teen girl to paranormal expert in a matter of days. Her life is about to change forever.

★★★ Seth Clearwater FanFiction ★★★:-)


3. Old New School

I missed school on the reservation it was creative. I was going back as soon as I found myself a place to stay. No sooner had I thought that when my phone rang making me jump. I didn't recognize the number so I answered.
"Yeah hi is this Sami Gonzales?"
"It is."
"Good. This is Seth Clearwater."
"Oh hi Seth may I ask how you got my number?"
"Well, um, well, I kinda, mighta, pick-pocketed you."
"Are you mad?"
"No just a little weirded out is all."
"Oh sorry. Well I couldn't help but notice your Tennessee licence plate so I figured you didn't have a place to stay you could stay with Emily and Sam. She said it was cool."
"Well thank you but I'd have to talk to her first."
"No problem. EMILY!! She's right here I'll give her the phone."
"Hello?" I heard her ask.
"Yeah hi Emily but Seth said..."
"That I told him if you didn't have anywhere to go you could stay here I did say that just come back here around eight okay?"
"Okay by."
"Bye Sami."
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