The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Sami Gonzales is, for the most part, a normal teenage girl. She has great expectations and high hopes. When she moves back to her hometown in Washington everything changes. She goes from normal teen girl to paranormal expert in a matter of days. Her life is about to change forever.

★★★ Seth Clearwater FanFiction ★★★:-)


2. Not So New Town

I stood on the lawn of my childhood home getting more jittery by the second at the thought of seeing my mother again. I slowly made my way up the front steps and knocked expecting my forty year old dopelganger to open there door. However instead of getting a mirror image of my red hair and green eyes I got something else entirely. The woman who opened the door had dark hair and skin with a series of scars running down her face. When she saw me she.said
"May I help you?"
"Maybe I'm Sami Gonzales and I grew up in this house."
"Oh yes my name is Emily you may come in if you like."
"Thank you."
"No problem oh and don't mind the boys they're obnoxious." I smiled when she said that because I had four brothers growing up.I heard what seemed like bickering coming from the kitchen.
"Would you like something to eat?"
"Yes please." she led me toward the kitchen and when we entered it got real quiet and I saw about sixteen teenage boys staring at me. Then Emily said,
"Boys don't just stare, say hello, something for pity's sake." there were multiple hello's, hey's, and hi's from the boys before Emily said,
"This is Sami Gonzales, she grew up here, in this house." it was quiet before one of the younger ones stood up and said,
"Hello Sami, I'm Jacob, Jacob Black." he told me.holding out his hand for me to shake. I did then another boy stood up and said
"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Gonzales my name is Seth Clearwater."After that they all introduced themselves I noticed they all had the same tattoo on their upper arm and that not a single one of them was wearing a shirt a fact that I was now painfully aware of. I said
"It was nice meeting all of you but I should probably get going."
"Well thank you for stopping by." said Emily cheerfully. As I walked to the door I litteraly ran into Seth
"Sorry." I mumbled and he grinned.
Seth's POV—
I didn't entirely run into her on accident. I did get her phone number though which was a plus.
"Hey Jake guess what I just got?"
"That girls phone number."
"Really? How?"
"I pick pocketed her."
"I trained you so well."
"Plus I didn't look like she had a place to stay. I'll call her later."
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