The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Sami Gonzales is, for the most part, a normal teenage girl. She has great expectations and high hopes. When she moves back to her hometown in Washington everything changes. She goes from normal teen girl to paranormal expert in a matter of days. Her life is about to change forever.

★★★ Seth Clearwater FanFiction ★★★:-)


7. Date

We were sitting on the blanket when I asked her
"So tell me about your dad."
"Well, where do I start. He was amazing. He always smelled like tabaco smoke or coffee. He had a scruffy beard, thinning hair, the bluest eyes you'll ever see, and he always wore a frayed, tweed jacket that my mom bought for him. He had the kindest eyes and his laugh was contagious. If he was laughing, everyone was. When I was little he would tell me and my brothers wild tales of men that turn into wolves, beautiful human like creatures who drank blood. My mother told him to stop, that he'd give us nightmares, but he never listened. And we never has nightmares." She had caught me off guard with that last part. Who had her father been and how did he know about us?
"He sounds like he was great." I said nervously.
"He really was." her eyes were brimming with tears so I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. At first she froze but she slowly began to move her lips. When she abruptly pulled back it startled me. She said
"What the hell was that?"
"Well-" I would have finished but she pressed her lips to mine with such intensity that I was NOT going to make her stop. When I felt eyes burning into the back of my head I pulled away.
"Sami go take my car and go home." I said urgently. Her eyes widened and I knew that she could tell that I was serious. She stood up kissed me gently and walked to the truck without a word. As soon as I could no longer see her I turned to see the one and only Jacob Black standing with a huge smile plastered on his face and he said
"So Seth, you gonna get some tonight?"
"Jake, shut up."
"Well she looked plenty desperate to me."
"Jake." I complained.
"All I'm saying is that it was getting pretty steamy before you noticed me staring It's totally possible that you could have gotten some."
"I am already painfully aware that I could have gotten some and you ruined my chances."
"I tend to do that don't I."
"Ruin peoples chances of getting some?"
"Well I should probably go find her."
"Yeah. Night Seth."
"Night Jake."
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