The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Sami Gonzales is, for the most part, a normal teenage girl. She has great expectations and high hopes. When she moves back to her hometown in Washington everything changes. She goes from normal teen girl to paranormal expert in a matter of days. Her life is about to change forever.

★★★ Seth Clearwater FanFiction ★★★:-)


4. A Place To Stay

Sami's POV—

I stood timidly infront of the house and knocked. Emily answered the door.
"Oh hello Sami, come on in."
"Thank you for letting me stay here."
"That is no problem, I'll show you your room." we walked up the stairs to a door just at the top of them. It opened into a small room painted light green. It had a twin bed, a desk, one small window, a bookshelf, and a dresser. I liked the color of the room.
"Again, thank you so much Miss..."
"Just call me Emily."
"Thank you so much Emily. Any rules or regulations that come with living here?"
"Don't bother any of the boys, except maybe Jake or Seth, when they're angry."
"Got it."
"Well I'll let you unpack." she said left the room.
Jake's POV—
That girl was all Seth could think about on patrol today. Sure.she was pretty but not leave your gal, slap your mom model kind of pretty but the kind that you stop on the sidewalk to watch pretty. Seth wasn't to bad himself. He had girls falling all over him since seventh grade. Maybe it was the way his eyes were always filled with mischief or his trouble maker grin, the rest of us knew not.It might have even been his charming personality, all I know is that he's one of this guys that all guys want to be and.all girls wanna be with. He couldn't stop thinking about her and it got annoying so I tried to zone him out.
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