The Girl Who Dared to Dream

Sami Gonzales is, for the most part, a normal teenage girl. She has great expectations and high hopes. When she moves back to her hometown in Washington everything changes. She goes from normal teen girl to paranormal expert in a matter of days. Her life is about to change forever.

★★★ Seth Clearwater FanFiction ★★★:-)


5. 3 Hours Later

Seth's POV—
I decided to call Sami.
"Hi Sami, it's Seth."
"Oh hi Seth. Why are you calling me at ten o'clock at night?"
"I was wondering if you would meet me at Cresent Beach."
"Um, s-sure."
"Cool, I'll meet you there in an hour, 'kay?"
"Okay. Bye."
"Bye." I hung up. I was gonna see Sami.*smuggness.* When I got there Sami was sitting in her cherry red Maserati messing with her lipstick. I knocked on the window and said,
"You don't need that." she near about jumped out of her skin.
"Seth you do that. Warn a gal next time would ya."
"I just about had a heart attack!"
"I'm sorry. You wanna go down to the beach?"
"Sure." we walked down to the water. She kicked her shoes off and walked where the waves were just barely lapping at her feet. Her legs looked really good in the white, knee length shorts she was wearing. She turned, smiling, and said,
"Well are ya comin?"
"Yeah." I said and ran after her. When I caught up to her I said
"So why are you in Forks?"
"My dad died so I came to live with my mom but obviously she must've sold the house."
"Oh, I'm so sorry."
"I've been hearing that a lot." she said sitting down.
"I'm so sorry, I'm sorry for your loss, my greatest condolences blah, blah, blah. Same ol', same ol'."
"I just think it's a whole lot of bullshit is what I think."
"I just wish people would treat me the same way they did when my dad was alive."
"Sorry about that I got caught up in the moment."
"It's okay Jake does this kind of thing all the time. Are you okay?"
"Yeah, fine. Why?"
"Because if you're fine I can ask you about how I wanna take you on a date on Saturday."
"Oh, a date?"
"Sounds great."
"Okay. I'll pick you up at seven?"
"Make it eight."
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