The Jail Known As High School

When Ally hits eleventh grade, she starts getting caught up in cliques and gossip. And also a boy, but is he the right one for her? Or is there another?


2. Simplifying The System Is... Against The Rules?

My eyes were focusing on staying open, but it wasn't working out too well. The teacher kept saying my name, which meant she noticed me about to doze off. Who could have possibly stayed awake? First day of school code of conduct classes were always me least favorite.

After a while, I grew used to my constantly yelled name, and fell asleep. My eyes opened just minutes later when my teacher told me to continue where she left off. Oh yay, who doesn't love reading aloud the first day back? "Um..." I cleared my throat, "Clothes that fail to cover certain areas of your body will not be allowed in-."

"Nope, try again." Mrs. InsertNameHere said to me and I sighed exaggeratedly in my desk.

"Hats and sun glasses-."

"Not even close."

"Any agressive-."

"That was read a while ago!"

"No sex, booze, or drugs allowed in the school, that pretty much covers it right?" The class went silent and the teacher looked at me in anger. My arms crossed, apparenly she hadn't like my shortened version. I thought it was pretty smart, if they shortened the code of conduct people might have actually read it. But no, even the rules had to be put in words that would teach us 'better vocabulary'.

"Principals' office." The teacher pointed out the door, "Now." My eyes fluttered innocently then I rolled my eyes. It was a better punishment than listening to the rules be read for the next hour.

"Can I atleast have a pass?" I asked in boredom as I rose out of my glossy blue chair and headed for the front of the room.

"No, you don't need one. Just go." She rubbed her temples as I headed for the office I spent almost the whole year before in. It was no new turf or anything, so I just continued my slow saunter to the principals'.

When I arrived the lady behind the counter said, "Hey Ally, how was your Summer?" Her smile was sweet and I waved at her.

"Eh, same old crap, different environment. You know." I shrugged as I sat in a tan chair with a hard cushion. Now what was the point in having a cushion at all if it didn't even do its job and CUSHION you.

"Yeah I gotcha. So what are you here for?" The woman prepared her pen so she could write a synopsis of my story for the principal to read.

"Basically, I simplifyed the system and got the boot. Who knew it was against the rules to make things easier?" I asked as I stretched back in my seat. I knew it'd be a while. I'd been there before.

"Today, everythings against the rules. I guess it's just the century you were born into deary." She looked down and spoke slowly as she wrote down what had happened. I just ran my hand through my auburn hair, it was going to be a long day.

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