The Jail Known As High School

When Ally hits eleventh grade, she starts getting caught up in cliques and gossip. And also a boy, but is he the right one for her? Or is there another?


1. Just Another Year Behind Brick Walls

My alarm clock went off for the first time in three months. I had almost forgotten I had one, how dare I? With a peek out the window I groaned, it was still dark out. The time was six o'clock in the morning on the first day of school, the first day of complete and utter emotional distress.

I lay in my bed for what felt like just seconds, until my mother burst through the door to yell at me. There was ten minutes until the bus would be there. Apparently it hadn't been seconds. My body slowly rose out of the warm bed, which called out to me as the cold air swarmed my body. The only thing that kept me out of my nest, was my phone which lit up, signaling a text.

My hand wrapped around the small device as I read:


Hey gurlie! First day of school sucks. R u ready? - N


I sighed at the message from my best friend Natalie, and set the phone down. I would respond when I was  on the bus. The clothes I laid out the night before just didn't seem good enough right then. So, I dug out the cutest thing I could find and threw it on, then ran into the bathroom to apply makeup, and straighten my poofy auburn hair. I had dyed it over the summer, and wasn't happy with the turn out. But my mother wouldn't let me re dye it so, I just let it stay how it was.

I ran down the wooden stairs, phone in hand, and scooped up my back pack just in time to see the bus pull up to my driveway. "Bye mom!" I yelled and exited the house before she could tell me I needed to eat breakfast. By the time I got to the bus doors, they were still closed. I awaited their opening, which seemed like forever.

The glass doors finally flew open, and I hopped up the three stepped to see a crowded isle. My feet carefully tip toed to the back of the bus, where I found a seat next to some fat kid with extremely severe B.O. My eyes watered as I texted Natalie back:


Yeah, on the bus now. I just want it 2 b summer already. Is it 2 early 2 say tht? - A


I waited for her text as I looked awkwardly around from where I was sitting. Next to me sat a goth girl, her eyes black from what I assumed to be colored contacts, or is it non-colored contacts consiterin black wasn't a color? I didn't know. The bus drivers' eyes already looked bleak and tired and it was just the first day. School wasn't just hard on the children, the adults hated it too. If nobody wanted to be there, then why did we HAVE to be?


Nah, shool sucks. Every1 knows that. I'm pretty sure every1 wants it 2 be summer. At least they strtd school on a friday this year! No school tomorrow! Yay r 1st weekend! XD - N


I chuckled outloud and earned some weird looks from the kids around me. My cheeks grew warm and I knew I was blushing. My eyes looked out the winow to see where we were and knew there was no point in texting her back, I could already see the brick walls of the school nearing. Soon, i'd be stuck in there. I took my last breath of freedom as I walked off the bus, and into the cage they called school.

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