Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


45. YAY!!

Lizzy's pov:after we ate the pizza I heard the doorbell ring "I'll get it" i stood up and opend the door "uhm hi is Zayn here?" She said "yeah wait hold on ZAYN" "WHAT?" "SOMEONE IS LOOKING FOR YOU" "K" we yelled across the room.  He stood up and came to the door "ALLY!" Zayn said "hey big bro" she said back " is she your sister?" I asked "yup Lizzy this is Alice" "but you can call me Ally" "Ally this is Lizzy" "hello nice to meet you" she said extending her arm "you too" i took it and shook it Zayn introdused her to every one when she got to Niall they both hade sparkles in there eyes you could tell it was love at first sight "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" "count me out" i said " c'mon lizzyboo pway with me" bagged Liam in a baby voise and puppy dog eyes "fine" "yayy!" I sat down next to him and gave him a peak on the lips "ok...Liam truth or dare?" Said Harry "ehm dare!" "Ok...i dare you to sing Lizzy's favorite song to her right now" "ok" i was blushing like crazy when Liam started singing "b-b-b-baby come on over i don't care if people find out  dara dara dadadada they say that we're no good together and it's never gonna work out daradaradarra dada but baby u got me moving too fast and i know that you wanna be bad but girl when you looking like that daradarara i cant hold back cuz you you've got this spell on me i don't know what to belive kiss you once now i can't leave cuz everything you do is magic" when he was done i huged him and kissed him again "hello? Liam it's your turn" said Harry "ok lets see Lizzy truth or dare?" "Uhm truth" "uhm" Sammy whisperd something in his ear "ok do you or have you ever owend a diary and if you have one where is it?" "I don't have a diary and i have never hade one" " LIER" yelled sammy "i don't have a diary i only have a jurnal" "ok fine" "ok uhm NIALL truth or dare?" "Uhm...DARE!" "Ok i dare you to kissy Ally for a min." Zayn flung his arms over Allys sholder "c'mon Zayn it's just a dare" "ok fine" Ally started blushing and so did Niall "i'll get the timer" i said i got up and got my fone from the table"and...GO!" And with that Niall started kissing her ~1 min. Later~ "STOP" i yelled but they wouldn't pull away "i think we should leave them alone" suggested Ivy "agree" everyone but lou said "but i haven't had my turn yet" said lou "c'mon bro just leave them alone we should go to sleep" and with that we whent upstairs Niall and Ally still kissing "my work here is done i whisperd to Liam "good night love" we had a 10 sec kiss and headed to our beds


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