Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


25. Why?


"nooo!!!!" i yelled as i ran up to Lizzy and Sammy that where both blacked out  "quick call an anbulince FAST" said Liam as he ran up to Lizzy Zayn quickly pulled out his phone "they said they will be here in 10 min" the abulence came and took them to the Hospital right now all of us where crying I just hope that they will be ok 


why? why did this have to happen? me a Lizzy dont drink so i doubt that she was drunk but i just don't know what happend.  so after the ambulince took Lizzy and Sammy to the Hospital we started driving  and since i'm the only one besids Ivy which was driving the other car with Ellie i drove the one with all the boys it was silent all the way to the Hospital when we got there we wreched the front desk "hello we are here to see Samantha Styles and Lizbeth Styles" i said to the lady in the front desk "yes they are in the same room floor 3 staght ahead and to your left number 700" "ok thank you" "your welcom" we reached the room to see both Lizzy and Sammy asleep Harry sighed as we walked in and saw them tears started coming out of mine Harry's Zayn's Ivy's and Ellie's eyes "Z-z-zayn" said Sammy Zayn whent running fast to her hold her hand "It's ok I'm right here" Zayn whisperd Sammy slowly opend her eyes we all smiled "Harry Liam" whisperd Lizzy with no force Harry and I both went to her Harry holding her left hand and me holding her right "Harry why?" she said her eyes opening "what do you mean?" "never mind" she said she looked at me and smiled I smiled back "how do you feel?" I asked Lizzy she sighed "I feel like a person who doesn't want to move or like I just blacked out" she giggled a bit "ow" she said "what happend?" my kidney area hurts really bad can you call the nurse please?" "yeah sure" i said as i pressed the button that would call the nurse 1 min later she comes "yes?" "ehm my Kidney area hurts alot" "ok well let me give you a pain pill and drink lots of water and fluids ok?" she noded her head the nurse leaves and soon comes back with a pill "here drink this" she said as she handed her the pill and some water after the nurse leaves the doctor comes in

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