Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


34. The note

Lizzy's pov:I was awaken by screaming might be Louis so I go and start brushing my teeth when I was done I put my hair lose I then went down stair's and get a bowl of cereal while I was grabbing  my spoon i see a note i keeped repeating in my head "no its not yours" well since am Lizzy i stood up and garbed the note AM SORRY was written in the front hey guys its Sammy after am done writing this you guys are going to hate me i left back to Chicago my week here was not how i planned it to be so many things happened to me but the greatest thing that keeped me happy was you guys being happy Lizzy and harry pleas forgive me for not telling you that i was leaving Ellie took me but don't be mad at her she was kind enough for waking up to take me zayn i love you sooooo much we will still keep in touch so call me when ever you feel to take a breather or just miss me i will miss your piercing white smile of yours Louis i ate all of your carrots but i bought you a carrot cake Ellie well stay crazy Liam and Niall oh my god were should i start Liam your so nice and mature that great! take care of these crazy people and Niall my eating buddy i bought you nandos there in the microwave love you guys :) sincerely SAMMY by now everyone was surrounding me crying i was so heart broken my other half left me but it was for some serious reason i turn around and see everyone crying but zayn was the most one "zayn its okay she might come back"i said with a smile he looked at me and said "no shes not yesterday ivy got jealous of her and Cole because she knew him  so she went a told me to follow her so i did and she lead me to then room and kissed me i pushed her off of me but Sammy saw her and Sammy was heart broken!" he said with angry i couldn't believe it by now everyone heard zayn soo they knew why she left i was fuming "wheres ivy know!"i said calmly "over Victoria"said Louis i nodded and ran to Victoria when i got there i was banging on the door and screaming "i know your in there ivy come out!!!!!!" then i heard a sound like someone unlocking the door and it was................IVY

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