Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


23. The Club Disaster/Love at First Sight

Lizzy's P.O.V

"Hey guys it's almost 8:00 you know what that means!!"i nearly yelled "CLUBBING!!!!"we all screamed except Ivy "Ivy whats wrong?"i asked her "see if we go clubbing...."she said "The guys will get drunk and like cheat or something"she whispered i knew what she was talking about "don't worry Ivy it's just for fun!it was pretty noticible that she put a fake smile "so your dating Haz?" "Yeah he's so sweet and romantic" "good"i smiled


right now i think all of us were drunk right now then something stopped me in my Harry kissing a girl?? i went to look for Ivy if i dont shes gonna find out i have to tell her "Ivy...." "yeah?"she slurred i pointed to Harry


Ivy's P.O.V

tears formed in my eyes i ran over there pushed the bitch and slapped harry "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?"I never cussed unless i had the nerve right now i'm dying "Babe chill i-" "NO I WILL NOT 'CHILL'I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!??" everyone was starring at us "Well then i guess it's not meant to be" a tear escaped from my eye "Then we're over!!""fine with me"i ran out of the club and sat under a tall tree i looked at my phone and saw a missed call from Lou "i wanna be alone right now"i said to myself.i walked around and it started to rain "Shit"i muttered i kept walking anyway then i bumped into a guy that looked around my age "Sorry"he said quietly "it's okay its kinda the highlight of my day,I'm Ivy" "how is it the highlight of your day?i'm Cole wait do you mean Ivy Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson's sister?" "i'm the one so i'm guessing your a directioner?"i laughed "no my girlfriend is,or should i say ex-girlfriend" "what happened?" "she dumped me just because i told her she was a drama queen cuz she's so dramtic" i giggled "yeah,my boyfriend cheated" his eyes almost popped out "Who could dump you!?! your gorgous!"i blushed "thanks Cole,want to come over later?" "sure,but first i need the beautiful lady's number"he winked oh such a charmer :P i gave him my number and we both went our seperate ways now that i think about it i'm glad that i broke up with Harry i would've never met Cole :) ....i think i'm in love

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