Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


12. The Arive at Cheshire


"YAAY" I almost shouted as the flight attendent said that we would arive at Cheshire shortly "sshhhh" Liam said as he put his finger to his lips "sorry" i whispered soon enough we all got of the plain "so where are we going from here?" i asked "to my house we have a humungus house with alot of rooms so you guys can have a room to yourself so yeah" said Sammy  "ok thanks now lets go" i said a little eagar to get going

Ellie's POV

We arrived to Cheshire and I was SO exited! But I still had to get my luggage. We went inside and I grabbed my luggage. Just as I turned around and took a step, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. "Excuse me, miss?"Someone asked me. I turned around and saw a little girl standing in front of me. "Yes, sweetie?"I asked, politley. "Sorry but that bag is mine..."She said. I looked at the bag and it was purple, just like mine, but with a little flower that said Holly on it. "Oops. Sorry, Holly. My bag is like this but without the flower. Here you go"I said and gave it to her. "Thank you and you are very pretty!"She said. "Why thank you and you are really pretty too!"I said, smiling. "Thank you....Oh my mummy just called me! Gotta go! Bye!"She said and ran off. When I turned around I saw Louis staring at me. "Who's your new friend there?"He asked, smiling. "Oh I just mistakenly took her bag which looked exactly like mine."I said, while blushing. It was quite embarrassing. "Oh ok. Um...Ellie? Wanna go out sometime?"He asked. He just....asked me out? I was blushing like mad now. I had always dreamed about him and me. Only Lizzy, Ivy, Liam and Sammy knew I liked Louis. "Sure!"I said. "Great!". I turned around and picked up my luggage. "Guys come on!"Liam shouted. Me and Louis laughed and ran across the airport, like idiots.

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