Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


58. One last kiss till we say good bye

Taylor's pov:it's been already 5 months of dating Sammy she's a wonderful beautiful girl but what if she finds out of me dating perrie from little mix I mean zayn already found out yesterday and broke up with her but am in love with Sam and perrie am going to break up with Sammy I mean we are bestfriend a so she wouldn't mind and she loves zayn I can see it something interrupted me of thinking "hiya babe I missed you and coco!"she said running to me she the kisses my lips softly "Sammy can we talk" j asked her "sure whats the matter you look nervous?"she asked so kind "babe I love you but I've been seeing someone since the after party that someone is perrie Edwards I love her and I know you love zayn this relationship can not go on please understand"I asked shaking "it's okay I understand and I know I love zayn but I can't be mad at you soo one last kiss till we say good bye"she said caring  suddenly I didn't think and just kissed her then we had a make out session "love you Sam always will no matter what I bet we are going to be together again!"aabd eight hat I left




lizzy pov: I was painting my nails when  I heard someone screaming "lizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy get your car keys we are going to zayns and Liam's house hurry up!!!"sAid Sammy I swear she is the oldest but she gets on my nerves then I grabed my car keys and the puppies and ran with Sammy to the car 30 minutes later we arrived Sammy ran out the car with both of the puppies following her she then reached the door and didnt even knock instead she barged in and when she saw zayn she ran and kissed him hard while he carried her "am sorry I don't care what Simon says I am dating you no matter what !"she said exiting "me too I live you Samantha!"he said none of her boyfriend called her that she must feel happy he still remembers 

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