Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


27. One big, happy family!

Ellie's POV

We all visited Sammy and Liz. I felt so sorry. I should have been there with them. Anyway, I went out of the hospital room. All the others were still with Liz and Sammy. I sat down in a chair and checked my phone. I went on my twitter and saw I had a few new tweets.

"Hey @Ellie_Bear! You better stay away from @Louis_Tomlinson 'cause he is mine!!!"

"Hiya @Ellie_Bear!! You are pretty!! I wish I was you!"

I replied to some of them saying "You are pretty too, and never forget that!" "I am not 'taking' @Louis_Tomlinson. He loves everyone of his fans!"  I saw another tweet, from Louis. 

"Please don't hate on @Ellie_Bear! She is very sweet and doesn't deserve hate."

I smiled and shut off my phone. I looked up and saw Ivy walking to me. "Hey Ellie! We never really talk do we? You're always so quiet."She said and sat down beside me. "Yeah....I am always left out but I don't mind. You, Liz, Sam and the boys are all happy and that's all that matters."I said, smiling. "Well we do have fun, but I always think how you feel when you sit there, on your phone or in your room, without us!"She said. "Yeah well, I do sit in my room, but it's not that bad. I mean like, I am lonely sometimes but other than that, it's alright!"I said, smiling and looking at my phone. "Well, Ellie, I will not let you feel left out anymore! You, me and the girls should have a sleepover! Sammy and Lizzy are going home from hospital soon!"She said, stood up and held her arms out for a hug. I stood up, laughed and hugged her.I liked talking to her. The boys came out and smiled that me and Ivy finally are proper friends! "Aww! Ellie, we are sorry we left you out most of the time!"The boys said and we had a group hug. I think we forgot we were at a hospital. We pulled out of the hug.

"I am going to say goodbye to Sammy and Lizzy! I will meet up with ya at the car!"I said. I went into the hospital room. "Hiya! I just wanna ask how are you guys doing?"I asked and sat down. "Oh we're fine. Sooo, we haven't talked properly have we?"Sammy said, smiling. "Yeah....I guess I was just too shy!"I said and smiled. "Well we are all going to be BFFs! No more leaving anyone out!"Lizzy said. "Yay! Okay! Well I gotta go! Hope you get better soon! When are you leaving the hospital?"I asked and stood up. "Soon! Bye!"Sammy and Lizzy said. I gave them both hugs and ran out, to the car. I saw everyone staring at me. "What?!"I asked and laughed. "Oh nothing! We are finally a big, happy family!"Louis said and kissed me on the cheek. "Weren't we already a big, happy family?"I asked "Nope! We didn't talk to you properly. You always hid!"Zayn said. "Well I am finally not shy! I was just scared that I wouldn't fit in or anything...."I said and smiled. "Well then, little sis, I am proud of you!"Liam said and hugged me. "Thanks, Liam!"I said. "I AM STARVING!"I said and we all laughed. 

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