Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


61. OMG!

 Lizzy's pov:aww thats so cute "aww" i said "snowflake coco" i called for the puppies they came running so you guys have puppies now?" Asked Zayn "yup" i said "who gave them to you?" He asked again sammy looked a little nurvase "uhm Nathan gave me two and i disided to give one to Sammy" i lied "yup" said Sammy "thats so nice" just then the mail man came i grabed the mail and layed it on the table i saw something that cought my eye i opend it and saw something great "OMG! Guys you got a letter your nomenated to be in the brits!!" I said (for you guys that don't know what the brits are they are like the grammies but for british people) "are you seirious?" Asked Zayn "why would i be lieing?" I said sarcasticly "oh my god no way!! I have to call the boys and tell them" he dialled and just then I got a call "hello?" "Lizzy we just got nomanated to go to the brits!" Ally yelled though the phone "no way" "yes way!" "K i need to tell sammy we will see you laters" "k by" i hung up "SAMMY WE GOT NOMINATED TOO!" "YAY!!" "Ok Zayn we need to go love" Sammy said and kissed him i got snowflake and coco and headed to the car we drove to our house and saw Nathy when i walked in holding a bunch of roses "how long have you been here Nathy?" I asked "about 5 minutes" he said handing me the roses "aw thanks Nathy you shouldn't have" i said i put the roses in water we sat on the couch watching the notebook

Ally's pov:there was a knock at the door and i opend it it was justin "justin we need to talk" i said whats wrong?" He asked "i think we should break up" i said his face turned kindda happy "Ally thats what i was going to say and i think it is for the best" he said i agreed soon he leaft 

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