Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


10. My other half

Stephanie pov: well today was the day my new life in Cheshire.when I was done getting dressed I took a step back I looked fantastic I was wearing a long sleeve navy shirt plack varsity jacket black jeans and white supras my make up was all natural and my hair has it's normal curls while admiring myself I get a call from Harry "hello Sammy we are on our way"he told me calmly then I looked at the clock it's 6:00 am "okay on my way to the airport bye!"then I clicked grab my bags and phone and hailed a taxi and was on my way to the airport.

3 hours passed

Lizzy's pov:I looked to my side and see the airport what the hell "Harry why are we at an airport!!"I asked terrified but he didn't answer "answer me you idiot!!"I screamed annoyed "look to your right" he replied so I did To see what he meant and when I do I see my other half "samathaaaaaa!!!!!!!!" I jumped over everyone just to get out when I finally do she sees me and we run towards each other she was so small like always and she looked so different since the last time we seen each other since like 3 grade she was and always will be my other half "Liz my little cupcake how are you your so tall!" She said while crying "why are you crying "I asked sad "of joy and hapiness silly oh and happy birthday!!"she said still tearing up.but that's when her eyes light up and was looking in another direction and I turn my head to see....zayn
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