Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


57. Lets Go

Lizzy's pov:i saw them all holding our last pictures "Sammy we should leave" i said softly "ok lets go to Ellie Ally and Ivy's house" you see we have two different houses me and Sammy live in one and Ivy, Ally, and Ellie live in the other so we got to my car and got to the girls house 

Ellie's pov:i was kissing Jusin when i heard some one  open the door and close it "hay guys sorry am i interupting your make out sesion?" Asked Lizzy "no we where not making out" i said "oh come on just admit it we all get stuck in our boyfriends kisses" she said "I'm gonna be in the studio gotta record my new song call me if you need anything k love?" Said Ross "k by love you" i said peacking him on the lips i saw that Lizzy was on twitter and Sammy was texting Taylor "can i hug the puppies?" I asked "you don't have to ask ofcorse you can" said Sammy "hay guys did you see this picture a fan posted of me and Nathy?" Asked Lizzy "no i haven't" she showed us the pics and then her phone rang (she got a text not a call) "hay sammy we have to go get the dogs puppy food"said Lizzy "kay lets go bye Ellie" said Sammy "bye see you laters" i said "bye come over whenever you guys want k?" Said Lizzy "kay bye" and with that they left(with the dogs)

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