Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


59. Leaving


Ivy's P.O.V

i was talking to cody at the park.we ran into eachother,it was cool,i love his songs,'Wish you were here' and 'Be the one'."music is better,and the lights are brighter"i sang quietly."nice singing,ha no wonder your so famous"he said laughing.i giggled,"thanks,"i said."cute version of 'wish you were here'"he said smiling. "am i making it clear,the lights are brighter when you were here,right now i just wish you were here"i sang again."i was wonderig if you'd like to make a duet together??like only two of us"he said.i put on a confused face."what do you mean?"i asked."i love the band and ont want to break it up it's just,well i just want to get to know you more and your voice is amazing"he blabbed.i laughed,"sure,'n thanks"i smiled.he smiled aswell

"i wish you were here,yeah i wish you were here,music is better,lights are bighter when you are near am i making it clear the music is better oh oh oh right now i just wish you were here"he sang smiling.we walking around the park and ran into some little girls.they squeeled "it's cody simpson,and ivy tomlinson from candy kiss!"they squeeled."are you two dating cause you guys are SOOO cute together"one said like a girly-girl that just got her phone.we laughed "no,we arent dating,were just friends,i mean hes awesome and all that but we aren't together"i said."too bad,you guys are sooo cuteeee!!"another said. "baby i just want to be with youuu i dont care if nobody aproveees tell me what i got to do to proove tonight,i might be the one"he sang to me."i just want you to know you are so,so beautiful"he sang again.i was blushing but i have a boyfriend....cody was sweet....


Allie's P.O.V

i was listening to radip disney,cody simpson 'be the one'. (for u simpsonizers lol)."where the heck is Ivy?"i said.ellie shrugged."i'll call her"i said.i grabbed my phone from my pocket and called 'Ivy Boo' that her contact name :D.i dialed her nuber and pushed call.she answered "hello?"she said. "where the hell are you?"i said. "oh,i'm at the park with cody,why?"she said. "i was just  bit worried,we dont want ur star missing"i said "cute,cody asked me if only me and him can do a duet,he doesnt hate the band or anything just he thinks i have an amazing voice and stuff"she said.i thought about it for like 10 seconds.."fine,just call us kay?"i said."kay byee"she said."bye"and with that i hung up.


Ivy's P.O.V

she hung up "i can" i said.he smiled "great".we signed autographs around the park and we went to his house to write down stuff for 'our' new song.i got up and turned around to get a pen and piece of paper,i turned back around 5 inch. way from cody's face.he leaned in and i turned around sitting on the couch pretending nothing happened "um,sorry bout that,your just so beautiful"he said.i turned around and smiled "thanks"i said.we started writing stuff down,i read it over,it was pretty good....


this young girl shes so cute everytime i see her wears fresh pair of shoe cuz this young girl shes such a killa cant wait till i have it ima spent half a miller,i can see us together on top,i'm living like i hit the jackpot chaching like money in the bank,you should be with me,you like my favorite song on the radio,i can listen to you all day,you like your music video,i can look at you all make me lose my two step all day,you make me look even crappier all day,so you should be my girlfriend all dayyy,when i like a hit on the radio


you got this young boy,recking his brain,tryna make you mine but i dont got a got this boy going insain tell me that your single and your waiting for me,i can see us together ontop,we living like we hit the jackpot cha-ching like money in the bank you should be with me,you like my favorite song on the radio radio radio,i can listen to you all day,you like my music video vide vid-vid-video,i can look at you all day,you make me lose my two step all day,you make m look even crappier all day,so you should be my boyfriend all day,like i said in the radio radio,singing to this song all dayyyyyyayayay dayayayaya,singing to this song all dayayayayaa day ayayayay....


talk to me,bayby i need to know your name (tell me tell me)

i'm acting all your man

i got it all in the back back back...


you like our favorite song on the radio,radio,i can listen to you all day,you like our music video,video,vid-vid-video i can look at you all day,you make me lose my two step all day,you make me even happier all day so we should be together all day,singing to this song all dayayayayaya yeah dayayayaya singing to this song all dayyayayayaya yeah yeah yeah.

the song was great,cody was a sweet guy.i kissed him cheek and got ready to go home.he stopped me and kissed me for about 5 secons. " me at the recording studio tomorrow?"he said.i nodded.cody walked me out and we saw tons of paparazziz.we were mobbed but we made it my car.i hugged him and drove home.



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