Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


56. Last picture

Sammy's pov:I woke up to barking it was probably the boys fighting over food again I stood up from my bed took a hot shower then 30 minutes later cam out rapped a towl around me and brushed my teeth leaving them pearl white then I let my hair air dry into their beach curls I went into my closet and was searching for my shorts I met Taylor in and yes they are my lucky shorts "yes!!"I finally found them then I saw me of my shirts zayn gave me suddenly all the memories came rushing in I needed to ear it i had to so I grabbed it and in the front it said we are forever meant to be that made me tear a little because I still love him I suddenly scooted my uggs and put them on and opened the door to see me and Lizzy ALMOST wearing the same outfit and she had red eyes we where thinking the same thing so we both went downstairs holding hands when we got there we saw Nathan and Taylor holding puppies "puppiesssssss!"I screamed they just laughed oh my god it was a Maltese "babe thank you your the best"I said looking at him "here carry her"he said handing her over to me she was so white and fluffy and so soft when I grabbed her she started liking me I look at I've her dog was doing the same thing  "Kay guys am going to Starbucks with Lizzy and the pups"then me and Liz kissed our boyfriends and walked to her black charger 10 min passed when we got there it was crowded papa everywhere me and Liz walked in and saw what was unexpected I saw zayn looking at the last picture we took which was us kissing

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