Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


49. Knees crying

Ivys pov: this couldn't be happening am in love with Harry and the girls are in love with there boyfriends "what no no why break up!"screamed Sammy "sweet heart because if you become famouse you will have your own fans and if your boyfriends hurt  you  there carrer will end"said Austin he was right they love what they do "fine"we all said exhausted "great we are going to record your first single tommorow morning an you guys better be single!"said Simon walking away when we got out of the sound room we saw our beautiful boyfriends smiling at us all of us we Already getting ready to cry we couldn't talk but Sammy could "guys this is going to hurt you and us it was sons idea and we want the best for you guys and your carrer what am trying to say is all of our relationship is not going to work out as we planned we are over all of us so with that being said let's go home and pack our things girls"say said with her voice cracking "w-what I don't understand!"said Harry "it's done Harry we are over!"I yelled of te pain and anger and then me and the girls ran to Sammy's car and got in Sammy started the car when we saw that they were on there knees crying

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