Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


53. Heavy drinker

Zayns pov:I wanted torture sammy for all the pain she put me trought since I was dating perrie from little mix I should introduce then together so I grabbed Perrier and rushed to Sammy dancing with Taylor lautner "hey Sam "I said it the most fakest voice ever "hi zayn how are you why are you here I mean why are you talking to me"she asked a little confused and irretated "am doing great and have I introduced you to my hot sexy girlfriend perriemedwards from little mix!"I said with a smirk "oh my gosh hi perrie am a big fan love your music didn't Simon ask us to do a sng together!"she asked trying to make me mad "oh hi and thanks huge fan of yours and yes!'perrie said gosh in swear her voice is so irritating (Sam:I love perrie but its only in the story please no hate i am a big fan of little mix) "oh um zayn have you met Taylor my sweet and caring boyfriend"she said trying to fire back "yea wha ever let's go perrie"I said mumbling and grabbed perrie and walked into the crowd leaving Samantha with a smirk on her face 


3 hours later

Lizzys pov:I was dancing with Nathan when I heard someone throwing bottles I ran and saw Sammy on the floor fighting one chick she had blonde hair "how dare you try to kiss him your such a slut!"I heard Sammy scream at her while standing up then the girl spit on her face omg it was Taylor swift (Sam pov:swiftys calm down just making up stuff love Taylor) I then saw Sammy's face and it didn't look pretty so I grabbed her but she was to strong then Taylor lautner grabbed her while she was in his arms she was screaming stuff like "you slut am coming for sleep with one eye open!"gosh I swear that girl is a heavy drinker "girls lets go home babe come cuddle with me"and with that we left 



Nones pov:the house was trashy and dirty itch Taylor swift posters ripped all over the floor we were a hot mes last night


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