Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


18. head held high


Harry pov: i woke up to someones shower on so since i was up i went to do breakfast when i get downstairs i see Sammy and Lizzy still sleeping with tissues and cups of ice cream all around them i was so angry at zayn and Liam doing this to them.they didn't deserve this they are to sweet and kind. they haven't even brushed their hair and if they were in my place they would kill themselves so i decide to wake them up "wakey wakey theres eggs and bakey" "noooooo"they groaned so i went and grabbed a bucket of ice and water and poured it on them and splash."were up gosh!"they said in unesome


30 minutes later everyone was down stairs waiting on ivy and Sammy when they got down stairs Sammy was wearing crop tank top that was red and blue stripes with jeans and a pair of blue supras and her hair was straight with little waves she looked stunning and Lizzy was wearing a white summer dress with pink flames and a pair of pink flats and her hair was straight she looked cute they both had there head up high not even looking to there ex-s


Sammy pov: when i walked down stairs i saw zayn jaw drop that's what you get zayn you cant touch this.even if i still have feelings for you "hello beautiful morning we are having aren't we"i said with my head held high they all nodded there head in agreement except he just looked at me until Niall broke the silence saying "you look lovely" but that didn't stop the eye connection of me and zayn "why did you have to kiss her just tell me why?"i asked with hurt and tears in my eyes "i thought she was you she had black hair and blue dipped dye types but she didn't have the smile the eyes or the way the kiss felt that's when i knew she wasn't you please forgive me"he said with tears streaming down his face "am sorry i didn't let you explain yes i forgive you"i said in happiness and he ran to me and kissed me while spinning me around



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