Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


29. Going Home!!!!!!


"SAMMY WE'RE GOING HOME TODAY!!!!! YAAAAAAY!" i said in eximent we finally get to go home today "I know Lizzy I'm not dumb" she said i got everything ready to leav i felt so much better and so did Sammy I think "whats on your mind Lizzy? you seem a little off" "no i'm ok i'm just thinking about Ivy and Harry i mean Harry likes her but when hes drunk he can't control himself" i said disapointed "well if he really likes her and would give up anything you know he should at least try to not drink" "ah lets just not talk about that so how is your relationship with Zayn?" i asked "great he told me we where going out today" she said "ooooooo mhm so what are you two going to do on your date?" "ehm i don't know he didn't tell me" "you two ready?" someone said from the door it was Liam Zayn and Niall I ran to Liam giving him a hug "yes yes we are" i said with a smile "hi Zayn hi Niall" i said giving them each a hug and so did Sammy "LETS GO!!!!!" i said extriemly happy and exided "ok lets go" when we got to the car Liam was driving and i got shotgun "NO WAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG TURN IT UP!!!!!" i said soon the music started "lets go to the beach each lets go get a away they say what they gonna say? have a drink clink found the budlight bad bitches like me it's hard to come by a Patron own lets go get on the zone own yes i'm in the zone is it two three leave a good tip i'm gonna blow off my money and don't give two shits I'm on the floor floor i love to dance so give me more more till i cant stand get on the floor floor like it's your last chance if you want more more than here i am" i sang alone "wow you are good at singing and raping Lizzy how come i didn't know?" "ehm... I love this song too Hall of Fame by the Script ft." i said trying to chang the conversation "yeah you can beat the greatest you can beat the best you can be the king kong banging on your cheast yeah you can be the world you can be the war you can talk to god go banging on his door you can throw your hands up you can be the clock you can move a mountain you can break rocks you can be a master don't wait for luck dedicate yourself and you can find yourself standing in a hall of fame and the world is gonna know your name " i sang "you guys are so mean you leav me singing by my self" i said with a pouty face "we were just listening to how good you sing does any body know of your hiden tallent?" asked Liam "no" "please don't talk to me about me singing" "why?" "oooh i know the lyrics to this song come on Zayn Liam Niall Sammy we all know this song by heart lets sing" "ok fine" "LITTLE THINGS!!!" i said happly Zayn started off "your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me  but bear this in mind it was meant to be and i'm joining up the dots with the freakals on your cheaks and it all makes sence to me" he sang while looking at Sammy then it was Liams part "I know you've never loved the crinkels by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stumach or your thighs the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but i'll love them endlessly" he said eyeing me once in a while but still looking at the road then it was Liam's and Zayn's turn together they both sang "I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if i do its you oh it's you they add up to and i'm in love with you and all these little things" and since Lou isn't here Sammy sang his part "you can't go to bed without a cup of tea and maybe thats the reson that you talk in your sleep and all those conversations are the secrets that i keep though it makes no since to me" and since Harry wasn't here i sang his part "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you ate you still love to squeze into your jeans but your perfict to me" then me and Niall sang "I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if it's true it's you it's you they add up to I'm in love with you and all these little things" Niall sang his part "you'll never love your self half as much as I love you and you'll never treat youself right darling but i want you to if i let you know i'm here for you maby you'll love yourself like i love you oh" we sang the song untill we got home



-sorry it's such a long chapter ~Lizzy :D

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