Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


46. Give your heart a break

Niall pov:so I had an idea what if me and the boys make the girls famouse so I gathered the boys and told them my plan "it's a great plan Niall!"said Liam and so did the others "girls get your pretty asses down here!"yelled Harry first came down lizzy and Sammy on her back then ivy caring Ellie like a baby and Allie walking down cracking up she was so beautiful "what do you guys want"yelled lizzy irritated "song for us all of you please!"we the guys said pleading "Kay what song?"Sammy asked "umm give you're heart a break by demi"I suggested suddenly they started talking then I saw lizzy turning around "the day I first met you you told me you never fall in love but now that I get you I know fear it's what it really was" then Sammy took a deep breathe "know here we are so close yet so far how did I catch the text when will you realize baby am not like the rest" I think she's the one with the high vocals like zayn "don't wanna break your heart wanna give your heart a break I know you scared it's wrong like you might make a mistake there's just one life to live and there no time to waste to waste"it was Allie she sounded like an angel "so let me give your heart a breeeeaaaaaak"Ellie said finishing it that girl has some voice I was astonished by the amazing they where so the boys and me started clapping and whistling am going to talk to Simon in the morning

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