Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


50. Forgetting who they are

(still) ivy's p.o.v

it really hurt me to say goodbye to harry,we just got back together a week ago!!.i wiped my tears away "guys,do we want our 'ex' boyfriends or to become famous?"i said.sammy stopped the car and looked at me "i'm sorry Ivy but he have to move on anyway,remember when liam and lizzy broke up because that bitch,and you and harry broke up cuz he cheatd on you"she said and started driving.tears just fell down my cheek.we arrived at home i mean the boy's home.we packed our things and when we were heading to the door we found them.harry was crying the most out of them.i feel really guilty.i ran to harry and hugged him tight."i'm sorry haz"i said. kissed him on the cheek and we left.were staynig at a hotel until we find a place.


we got a call from austin his neighbors moved out so we could rent the house.we drove to the house cheching it out first,austin obviously went with us.we walked in,IT WAS HUGE! "Austin,i dont think we can aford this!"lizzy said.austin looked at us and laughed "i already going to buy it"he said."Austin,no"sammy said."Sam,yes"he said."austin,no,we can't let you"i said.he looked at me."i will,dont worry about it girls,i'll be next door if you need anything else"he said and smiled."thanks Austin"i said and hugged him.he looked down at me and smiled more."no problem"he said. "wait,we've got one thing you can do"allie said."what"he asked.she came closer "you can help Ivy pack out"she said pointed to me.austin smiled "sure"he said.i glarred at allie.she just laughed.we got our suit cases out of the car.austin helped me out.i found a beautiful Magenta colored bedroom so this is my new room."thanks again"i said."hey,a beautiful girl like you should do this alone"he said smiling. "okay,now your just flirting"i said looking away laughing.he laughed aswell.austi was a entlemen but i can't forget about Haz...can i?we packed ALL our things in the new house so we went to the recording studio where simon told us to go.then the dj/producer guy already wrote a song for us so we started to record's called 'When You Were My Man" (Ivy:sory i can't make up my own songs and i re-called the song)

Same Bed but it feels a little bit bigger now...our song on the radio but it don't sound the same,when our friends talk about you all it does is just tear me down,cause my heart breaks when i hear your name,it all just sound like oooooooooh,mmmm too young too dumb to realize that you should've bought me flowers,and held my hand,should've given me all your hours,when you had the chance,take me to every party cause all i wanted to do was daaannncccee now your baby's dancing but i'm dancing with another man,ugh your bride,your ego and your need of your selfish ways,cause the girls like me to walk out your life,but you never,never get the chance to clean up the mess you made,yeah and it haunts me very time i close my eyes,it all just sound like oooooooooh,mmm too younf too dumb to realize that you should've bought me flowers,and held my hand,should've given me all your hours,when you had the chance,take me to every party cause all i wanted to do was daaanncce now your baby's dancing,but i'm dancing with another man,all though it hurts,you'll be the first to were wrrroooooonnnnggggg....ooooh you know it's probably much too late to try and apoligize for your mistake but i just want you to hope he buys me flowers,hope he holds my hand,give me all his hours,when he has the chance,take me to every party cause all i wanted to do was daaannccee  and do the things you should've done but now your baby's dancing but i'm dancing with another man,when you were my man.


i cried a little during the song but it was a good reminded me of hm."good job girls,just forget about those boys,they aren't worth your tears"simon said.we wiped our tears away and forcd a smile on our lips.he smiled then walked away.we decided our band name was going to be,'Candy Kiss' (Ivy:weird name i know it was the first thing that popped in my head)



We are SUPER famous now,me and the girls are not single anymore,now i barley even remember my 'ex'.sammy's bf is Taylor Lautner.Ellie's is Ross Lynch.Lizzy's is Nathan Sykes .allie's is justin bieber.and mine is Austin,yes the one who helped us get the house,Austin Carter Mahone!.we were walking down the red carpet for the kid's choice awards.we sat down and the show started.'battle of the bands' category was between Little mix,us,and one direction."and the winners are..."miranda said opening the and the girls crossed our fingers "CANDY KISS!!"she yelled.we got up hearing LOTS of cheers from the crowd.we walked up stage.i got our award and lizzy started talking "we are blessed,thank you for voting for us,me,alice,samantha,ivy,and ellie are lucky,keep voting,love you"lizzy said.the fans cheered some more.we walked back stage and changed for our performance later on.

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