Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


15. Broken hearts

Harry's pov: when I saw Liam flirting with that girl it made me angry cause I knew my sister liked him but It don't get to me 20 MINUTES LATER "okay guys am going to drink water!"I screamed at the producers when I was walking I see Liam kissing another girl I try and look for Liz when I spotted her he was crying and she just ran away wih Sam and ivy I couldn't watch my sister het hurt so I went up too Liam and grab his hoodie "what the hell man why are you kissin that girl don't you have feelings for my sister!!" "Yea I do but he doesn't like me so I had to move on"he's asked sadly "are you crazy he does like you since day 1 she always has!"I said while passing my hands through my hair that's when I remembered I told lizzy's secret but oh we'll "am sorry am going to apologize I really like her am goin to ask her out today!"he said cheerfully

Sammy's pov: crap I forgot the jacket zayn gave me yesterday "umm guys hold on I left something at the beach am going to go get it!" "Okay!"they answered when I got there I spotted the jacket "found you!"I said in achievement but that brought my hopes down when I saw zayn kissing another girl out o nowhere it was raining and I was drenched and crying that's when he turned around and saw me "Sam babe it's not what it looks like let me explain"he said repeatingly he grabed my hands but I snatched them away and walked away leaving him there in the pouring rain.when I got to the car I sat in the drivers seat and started the car and drove away
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