Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


24. Black

Samantha's pov:at the club I saw ivy screaming an someone he was tall like really tall but something about him made him familiar he had brown chocolate curls and dresses like a hipster no it can't be Harry.i saw ivy slap him and run out in the rain I decided to follow her but I stopped in my tracks because ivy was talking to some guy and that guy was cole my bestfriend since elementary "ivy,ivy hold on!!"I said running towards her "crack! My ankle"I said in pain and tears and I just feel to the cold ground i decided to stand up and while inwas standing up out of nowhere I see a pair of lights and it all turns black.

Lizzys pov:I was kind of tired of everyone around me being drunk so I went outside to be refreshed it was raining since I was extremely hot I stood under tha rain for awhile until something casught my eyes it was a girl with a blue sweetheart dress and black hair why was she lying on the ground "Sammy are you okay?!"I asked concernd she looked at me and said help until a car came and crashed her while she was standing up "Sammy!!!!! I ran to her she was bleeding out of nose and her head "someone help me please!!!!!"I yelled while hyperventilating then I see zayn and the rest come out I see tem running towards me and Sammy until I see black.
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