Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


11. away to Cheshire!

Harry's P.O.V

"alright everybody here?"i asked? they all noddedLouis whistled and looked at Ivy "Sorry i'm late"she said and looked at Louis and stook her tongue out i laughed,we went to the line then gave the lady our tickets and went to the plane,Louis was next to Niall Sam was next to zayn Liz was with Liam Sadie was next to some stranger (sorry) and Ivy sat with me "Hey"i said to her "Hi"i can totally notice she was blushing...wonder why

Lizzy's P.O.V

i'm glad i sat next to Liam we talked and talked then we fell asleep,When i woke up i saw Liam wide awake smiling and i saw i was on his shoulder "sorry"i said "No it's fine love"his smile hasn't gone then i looked at Ivy and Haz...sound asleep in eachothers arms it was kinda cute i heard the attendant say 'internet was available' so i got my laptop out and went on youtube then i typed 'Liam Payne' he smiled and i laughed then i went back to my laptop i saw there was cute,funny,smarty moments first i clicked the funny one i laughed a lot Liam was laughing too we even woke up Haz and Ivy "keep it down"ivy said weakly "hey the flight attendant said internet was available not my fault"when i said that she quickly got her phone and laptop and went straight to twitter haha

Ivy's P.O.V

ii quickly grabbed my IPhone and laptop on my laptop twitter on my phone i went to youtube 

Twitter:"Heyy hanging with my Bud Harry Styles!"i took a pic of us then posted it less than 5 seconds i got millions of likes "you Harry are the craziest guy i'd ever met"i said gazing into his eyes "i'll take that as a compliment"he smiled "yeah u should"i said sitting up laughing i got on youtube and typed 'Larry Stylinson'he saw what i did and laughed "you guys need real girlfriends"i giggled "i do have a girlfriend"he said looking at me "who is she?"i asked "its my Best mate's sister" "whos your best mate" "Louis" i was shocked I-I'm His G-Girlfriend? "Me?" he nodded i smiled "don't u remember?" "remember what?"i asked "remember when we were kids i asked u to be my girlfriend and u said yes" "I did?..."he smiled and kissed me Louis saw my IPhone drop and saw the words 'Larry Stylinson' and laughed he quickly got out of his seat took a photo of us kissing and posted it on twitter'look at these new couples! my sister and best mate"i smiled into the kiss we pulled away and landed "Cheshire here i come!"i said laughing

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