Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


21. Are You Ok?


After I saw Liam fun to his room I ran after him to confert him so i walked to his room "Liam whats up?" i said "I don't know i mean i like Liz alot but I think she likes that Micheal lad" he said a bit sad "Liam Liz likes you alot she doesn't like Michael" "really?" "yes really now after Micheal leafes you are going to ask her out ok?" "ok" then when we came back Michael was leving i noded Liam steped up and he took Lizzy to the kitchen we all put our ears to the wall so we could hear their conversation


Liam took me to the kitchen and I knew that the boys and the girls where going to try and listen to out conversation so I said "we should go out side they are going to try to listen to our conversation so lets go outside" "ok" we walked by the pool he started talking "so Lizzy have a clue to who I was discribing this morning?" "no why?" i said "oh i don't know di you know someone that is sweet funny loving careing a bit crazy and a bit shy?" "ehm..." i gasped "you like IVY?" "NO NO don't you get it? I like you" i gasped again "ME?" "yes you i've liked you since day 1" he said "and i know you have too so would you like to go out someday?" "ehm let me think about it YES" i said as fast as i could we laughed we whent in side "so what happend guys did you ask her out yet Liam?"said Haz "yes Haz he did" i said with a smile "finally" he said we all just laughed

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