Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


31. Anger

Sammy pov:wow cole looked hot like smoking hot but my zaynie bear was perfect for me. "Sooooooo cole what brings you here!?"I asked "we'll um I came to see ivy and umm yea oh and um here I bought flowers for the girls but um didn't know you were here so you can have my necklace"he replied I was so happy that he was giving me his necklace I turned around and pulled my hair in front of me then I feel a cold metal necklace saying Cole "thanks"I say I looked to my left and see ivy looking angry then I see she whispers something to zayn and he follows her and they leave to her room "umm cole hold on for one second"I said curiously I walk to ivys room and see.......... Ivys kissing zayn but zayn was pushing her off of him "ivy!!"I scream she turns around smirking "how could you do that to me and zayn baby I know you pushed her off its okay but ivy how could you kiss my boyfriend!!!!"I asked fumming "we'll because I could flirt just like you "she dad with a loud tone I was confused at first but then I knew what she meant "first of all I was not flirting with cole okay me and cole only lasted 6 months then we broke up because we where better as best friends sure he's cute but I don't like him but that doesn't mean you have to go kissing zayn am your best friend but what I just saw I think i don't even think we are friends. This is such a bad week for me like seriously ivy get your stuff straight!" I replied she looked some how sad and broken "am so sorry Sammy forgive me?"she asked in guilt "no"and with that being said I left out the room to mine and locking it.
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