Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


52. After Party

Lizzy's pov:when i saw him i froze  i ran to harry "hey bro" i gave him a huge bear hug "long time no see" he said "so hows life you single still?" "Life is good and yes i'm single you?" He asked "nope I'm dating Nathan from the wanted" i could see liam look down and almost start to cry then Nathan came "hey Lizzy!" Nathan said "hey Nathy" i peaked him on the lip "we need to go get ready for the rest of the time and then to go to the after party" i said holding hands with Nathan "yeah lets go" said Ivy and with that we left ~two hours later~ wow we won three trophys!! I cant belive it now we're going to the after party i hope nothing bad happends you know 1D beeing there "NATHY LETS GO!" I yelled opening the trailer door "comming babe" he said honistly he is supper hot ever since i met him he was so nice and charming "girls lets go get in the car" ~at the After Party~ before we whent inside they pulled us out for an interview "Hello I'm your host Chellcy Brigs and this is the Hollywood Hot Minute and I'm here live with CANDY KISS so tell us girls how do you feel winning the kids choise awards?" She asked "it is absulutely wonderful we have amazing fans and amazing boyfriends to support us" i answerd "I coun't agree more on what Lizzy said thank you so much to all of our fans" said Sammy "lets see we are going to awnser some twitter qusetion and the first one is from @ilovecandykiss22 and she says 'will you tell us who your boyfriends are?'" She said reading the tweet "right now I'm dating Austin Mahoon" said Ivy "I'm dating Taylor Lautner" attmited Sammy "Ross Lynch" said Ellie "Justin Bieber" said Ally "and Lizzy?" She asked "Nathan Sykes" i said " now the next tweet comes from '@i<3ck' and they say 'how did you become famos?'" She asked "well i'm a styles Ivy's a Tomlinson Sammy's a Styles Ally's a Malik and Ellie Is a Payne our brothers introdused us to Simon and he created us made us grow big to what we are now" i said "ok well that is the end of our interview  thank you for watching the Hollywood Hot Minute" she said "thank you so much for beeing here" "thank you for having us" i said ok now you can go and have fun" we all whent our seperate ways and hade fun

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