Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


13. A day to remember

Samantha's pov:when we got home everybody threw there bags on the floor and laid on he couch "make your self at home" I said sarcastically out of nowhere I fell to the floor and turn around Harry was standing there with a pillow I looked at him with fake tears in my eyes and started crying and he suddenly rushed to me and started apologizing I then saw the pillow and got a plan "it's okay Harry come give me a hug"I said trying to hold in the laugh that's when I grabed the pillow and hit him in the head with it "haaaa that's what you get for messing with me!!"I said in excitement he started laughing "pillow fighttttt!!!!!!"yelled Ellie after 30 minutes I was exhausted so I laid on the couch while everyone went to sleep in there rooms I was so bored that I was daydreaming but something snapped me out of my dream and it sounded like foot steps when I turned around I saw zayn "oh hi zayn what are you doing awake?"I asked counfused "we'll Sam I wanted to ask you some thing"he replied nervously "tell me dont be nervous"I asked with a caring smile "we'll Sammy I liked you since day one and I know you do to i can see it in your have something so captivating that I love and its everything your just perfect do you have the honor to be my girlfriend?"he asked confidently I was shocked I thought I was dreaming I couldn't talk until e finished I couldn't answer so my answer was kissing him when I did sparkes fireworks were exploding and the kiss was full with love and emotion until I separated them "so that means yes"he said with his amazing pearl smile and we hugged for like what felt eternity until we here claps and whistles from behind us and yells saying "congrats,way to go zayn!" Until I see a tear escape lizzy eyes and I ran to her "why you crying Liz?"I asked consern "because my big cousin is growing "is all she could say. This is a day to remember
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