Are we Meant to be? ~FINISHED~

They are all best friends with one direction and related to them but theres some problems all around them....


54. 20th Birthday!

~February 1st~  Lizzy's pov:i woke up to the soud of a gitar "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LIZZY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! YAY!!" All the girls sang with Nathan there "aw thank you so much guys thanks Nathy" i said i got my phone out fast "what are you doing?" Asked Ally Sammy knew what i was doing she sat right by me and then he finally answared "hello?" Awnserd a raspy low voice Sammy Nathan and i sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HARRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! YAY!!" "Happy birthday!" Said Sammy "Happy birthday" said nathy "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" I said "thank you and Happy birthday Lizzy!" "Thank you hazza" i said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZY!" I heard Niall scream "thank you Nialler" "HAPPY B-DAY LIZZY" said Lou "thank you Lou!" "K guys i need to go see you laters" "ok by love you sis" said Harry "love you too bro" i got up and got dressed "Lizzy I'm gonna take you somewhere for your birthday" said Nathan "Nathy you don't have to do anything for me beeing here is enough" i insisted "no you are coming with me to dinner" he is so cute "fine but nowhere too fancy k baby?" "I can't promise that i already made the reservation two weeks ago" he said "really? You really did that for me?" "Yup" we started kissing when there was a knock at the front door "hold on Nathy I'll be right back" i whent to the door and there was a girl that looked about 14 "OMG OMG OMG! YOUR LIZZY STYLES FROM CANDY KISS!" "Yes I am can i help you?" "Oh right i came to give you this and say happy birthday!" "Aw thank you so much you shouldn't have" "how could i not?" "Well how about for me to make it up to you i follow you on twitter?" "That would be the best" i talked to her for a while then Nathan came in "your Nathan Sykes Lizzy Styles boyfriend right?" "Yeah i am" "kiss kiss kiss kiss" she said i kissed nathan she claped "aw you two are adorable together can i post a pic on twitter of us three? Please?" "Ofcorse you can" i said "ok thank you" she took a picture of us and posted it "now kiss and I'll be under please?" "Ok" me and Nathy kissed and she took the picture and posted it after a while she left and we stayed on the couch watching tv i whent on twitter to see if the pictures where up and sure enough they where right there "look Nathy" i showed him the picture and all the cute comments finally it was time to go to dinner i whore a aqua blue dress and my hair straightend light make up on "wow Nathy you wher not kidding when you said it was fancy" i said he lightly chuckled "it's the most that you diserve" "don't be silly" "I'm not I'm beeing honist" just then something cought my eye papz "papz lets go" (lizzy:papz are the paperatzy)


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