Nicole Anderson

nicole anderson


1. N/A (Nicole Anderson)

I walked through the gate into the secret park.The trees blew furiously in the wind.I strolled through the freshly cut,bright green grass,picking the juicy,ripe blackberries off the tiny dark,green bushes and placing them on my tounge,gulping down every delisious one.Little squirrels scurried around with tiny chestnuts in their mouths,making there cheeks look chubby.Baby deer hopping in and out of the bushes and trees.Fish flying up into the air out of the water of the crystal clear,blue flowing river.Making the river is a giant waterfall.Flying through the air are blue song birds,singing a beautiful whistle.The bright,shining,yellow sun shone down on me and into my eyes,so I put on my Corona Beer hat and my Chic Sunglasses.I sat on the one,only,brown bench and enjoyed the beautiful scenery infront of my crysal , blue eyes,then I heard a quite whisper.I stopped,and listened and it started to get closer.I started to let out a scream but all that came out was a small gasp of air.I turned around and see a tall,skinny,blonde boy.He looked down at me."Oh, I'm so sorry for the noise me and my buddies were just whispering to eachother about how beautiful you are",he blushed.So did I. I am tall,and have long,pretty blonde hair that always looks perfect.I am skinny,even though I eat alot,but I always work it off with a short jog around the block,sometimes with my dog,Owl.He runs fast,so i have to work hard to keep up with him.

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