I'm Just An Ordinary Girl

Chase was just and ordinary girl. She had just finshed high school so her and her best friend moved to Holmes Chapel together. Courtney was Chase's best friend and they had big dreams. They never thought that there favorite boy band would have the same thing in mind.


1. Holmes Chapel

 Chase's POV.

 I woke up in the same old gringy hotel room, where the beds were really uncomfortable. Courtney however, didn't mind she could sleep on anything. As soon as I got out of the shower I woke up Courtney. She was easy to get up but i on the other hand, was a very heavy sleeper. Courtney got up and got in the shower. I don't know why, she had took one the night before but her hair looked to knotted up to brush. I also had bed head when i woke up. While Courtney was in the shower I got ready, we had an apartment in downtown to look at. I wore black skinny jeans and a pink tube top, I put some eye liner and mascara on and scrunched up my dirty blonde curls. Courtney got out of the shower five munutes after I had gotten done getting ready.

" Hey, i'm gonna go get some coffee down at the lobby while you get ready. Do you want any thing?" I asked Courtney.

" No, I don't drink coffee. remember?" Courtney replied with additude.

" Well get ready we have to leave at 11. See ya in a bit." I said as I walked out not waiting for what she had to say next. I walked down the hall to the nearest elevator and clicked the button going down. While I was waiting a business man was on the phone he was talking about banning jeggings from the schools. What ever, it wasn't any of my concern. The elevator stopped at the 6th floor, the floor that I was on. Luckily the business man was going up so I didn't have to here him complaining about something as stupid as jeggings. I got to the bottem floor and went to the starbucks coffee counter.

" What would you like today ma'am?" the nice lady at the counter said to me when it was my turn to order.

" May i have a low fat tripple shot 12 ounce vanilla latte?" I asked politly handing her 4 dollers.

" Honey, it's only $2.75." The lady at the counter said with a smile.

" Why dont you keep it you have been working hard." I replied winking at her. I can tell that made her day. She put a smiley face on the coffee cup before handing it to me. When I got back up to the hotel room Courtney was bawling getting mascara all over her face. I ran up to her.

" What's wrong Courtney? What happened?" I asked her repeatedly. I was starting to get frusterated when she wouldn't tell me. Then I glanced over at the ground seeing her phone buzzing I grabbed it and read the text.

" Courtney, I am so sorry. Your dog is dead." I read the text aloud. Courtney bawled even harder. I managed to get her up and wipe her mascara off. I sat there as she was calming down, I tried to cheer her up by telling her how the lady at the starbucks counter called me ma'am. Courtney laughed at that.

" Wow, she called you ma'am? Jeez your not that old! haha" Courtney replied laughing. I laughed at Courtney's responce. Now it was 10:30, we needed to go.

"Courtney, we need to leave now! We are gonna be late." I yelled for Courtney annoyed by her slowness. She came out of the bathroom, she was fixing her make-up.

" I'm ready!" she called back to me while walking out of the bathroom. She was wearing a cute outfit she had blue jeans on that complemented her big but and had a blue laced long sleeve shirt. She had on eyeliner, mascara, and some cover up on. The cover up was for her tear stained eyes. Finally she put her long dark brown hair in a bun and we grabbed our purses and paperwork then set off in my baby blue convertable.

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