Soul Mates... *Justin Bieber Love/Vampire Story*

A few hundred years ago, super-natural creatures have taken over the world. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, you name it! Now humans have gone to the lowest ranks because of being the weakest. The only time they are really treated seriously is if you a mates to a super-natural creature (soul mates). If you are Human, it is required by law that you be with your soul mate and turn into their species.


They killed my family... I have no one now
Now I live on the streets, working two jobs to try to afford enough money for an apartment. One night, I agreed to work late at my job at Apple Bee's because I needed the extra money.

Big mistake...

Now, I've been taken by the famous vampire prince himself, Justin Bieber, claiming I am his bride (What Vampire's call their soul mates).

"You are my my bride" he whispered sending shivers down my spine


3. Reaching Out


Natalie's Point of View  


I shoved my back into the wall, cowering away from the vampire prince. Tears streamed down my face in small rivers and dripped down my chin. I saw the most heart broken look hit his face the more I tried to move away from him. He slowly made his way towards me. There was no way for me to get further away from him but I cautiously watch his movements. That dream was like it just happened yesterday, I could almost picture my parents at the blood banks, getting their blood sucked by these monsters. I slid down the wall and sat on the soft plush carpeting feeling my legs shake from shock. I could imagine the vampire's teeth sink into their necks, their agonizing screams as they were sucked dry, before they were thrown off with the rest. White, cold, and lifeless. Seeing  the image in my head threw me over the edge. I went into a mental break down. I curled into a tight ball and my tears flew out heavier as I was sobbing. All I wanted was to feel the comforting hold of my parents. To feel my dads strong warm arms wrap around me and him kiss my head as my mom wiped away my tears and told me how beautiful I was and how much she loved me. But I knew that could never happen again. They were dead after all.  


I felt rock hard, icy cold arms wrap their way around me. I knew it was Justin, so I started squirming and kicking trying to get out of his grip. My fists were flying everywhere, trying to do something to make him let me go. But to no avail, his vampire strength was able to keep me constricted in his arms.   


"I'm sorry," I heard him whisper. I felt him move his head near my neck. He lightly kissed it and started to nibble and lick softly at it.   


"No!" I screamed, afraid at what he was about to do.   


I felt his teeth sink in to my skin gently, not that it stopped the pain much. My agonizing screams started and they could probably be heard for miles. I fought with him trying to pry his arms off of me, but just like before it never worked. I could feel some sort of liquid being pushed into my blood stream, and not long after I could feel tiredness hit me. It was like when you were being drugged up to go to surgery. I tried to stay awake as long as I could, fighting my heavy lids. I felt Justin's fangs being pulled from me and he licked off my remaining blood and sealed my wound. He laid me on the bed and lightly caressed my cheek. That was the last thing I could recall before I faded into my black unconscious.       


Justin's Point of View  


I laid and watched my bride peacefully sleeping. I rubbed at her tear stained cheeks with my thumb feeling sadness over take me. When she was freaking out I didn't know what to do. I didn't want her to get herself hurt, so I gave her a small dose of my venom. Not enough to change her into a Vampire, just enough to make her sleepy and worn out. I sighed and rolled out of bed. I had some time to kill considering she should be out for a few hours. I need some help. 


I thought we were perfectly fine before. Well, besides the fact she seemed pulled away a little from me, but that was to be expected considering she was a human. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I was taking things to fast for her, after all she won't feel the full impact of the pull till she's changed. Or was it her bad dream? Ugh! I don't know what to do any more! I felt full on frustration hitting me. I need some advice, do I turned to the only person I knew who could help.    I picked up my phone and dialed the familiar number and waited listening to the dial tone.   


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!!!" my mom screamed into the phone. Oh gosh... I interrupted her and dad again.    "Mom, I'm sorry, but I really need help," I pleaded.   


"Come on honey, I know he can wait, we'll be done in a few hours or so," I heard my dad whispering to her. I could embarrassment hit my features. Since I didn't have blood of my own I couldn't blush.   


"Mom, I need help now! I found my mate!" I quickly added pleading my case before she could shut the phone off and return to her time with dad.   


"You what?! My babies all grown up!" she cheered happily. I could hear dad grown.   


"Come on!" I heard him plead.   


"Jeremy Bieber! Your son just found his mate! You better be happy!" I heard my scold him and lightly slap his arm. "But anyways, when am I getting my grand kids you promised me?" mom asked seriously.   


"That's the thing mom! I don't know! We won't up this night (Because they don't wake up in the morning) and she had a mental break down! I heard her crying and whimpering in her sleep and I tried to comfort her and when she woke up she was scared shitless of me," I said panicked feeling heart broken remembering what just had happened a few minutes ago. "I had to give her venom to put her to sleep just to calm her down! Mom I don't know what to do!" I cried panicked. I was actually kind of shocked with myself. I haven't cried in years (more like hundreds) but I guess that's what mates did to you. I looked down to see black spots scattering over my bare chest. You see when vampires cry we don't cry water, we cry the used blood we no longer need anymore, thus why its black. I whipped my face smearing off the tears on my face away.   


"You could use your bond with your mate to read her mind," dad stated.  


"But Dad, I haven't marked or mated with her yet, won't that not work?" I asked confused, my voice still raspy from crying. I could still feel small trickles running down my face lightly.  


"It will be hard, but it isn't impossible since you have royal blood, if you try hard enough you can push threw," he added.    I nodded thinking about it. "Okay dad, I'll try it," I said.   


"Okay son, go get your give," I could almost hear his smile threw the other side of the phone.   "Good luck, Justin!" I heard mom say too. "I expect grand kids soon!" She added.   


"Gosh mom! She's human, I'm taking it a little slower! I love you bye!" I said quickly before hanging up the phone. As much as I didn't want to admit it, for Natalie's sake, having kids soon did sound appealing. I mean I am 2,300 something years old after all. I pushed off of the floor and walked back to my room.   


I opened the door to reveal my angel laying gracefully on the bed. The moon light was shining threw the window making her skin glow making her look even more perfect. Her silky, golden locks scattered, messily  behind her on the bed. Her night gown had traveled up her thighs, showing her long endless legs to me. I began to feel my hormones kick in, seeing my mate like this. But, I swallowed hard, remembering what I came her for, and I moved closer to her pushing the feelings aside. I sat at the end of the bed and lightly brushed a piece of hair out of her face, feeling the sparks flow threw my fingers threw the rest of my body. I lightly stroked her cheek before firmly placing my hand on it. I closed my eyes and concentrated...  


As I pushed threw her mind, it was like hitting a brick wall (for a human anyway). I continued to push and push but it didn't seem to want to give. My mate was extremely strong minded, it would even be hard for a mind reader to get past. At this point I could feel splintering pain in my head. At this point it was a battle of wills as appose to strength for once, and so far my mate was winning. This was highly frustrating, but part of me was proud of her with how strong she actually was as appose to her physical strength. After what seemed like hours (more like minutes) I was getting a huge migraine, but I could feel her walls (metaphorically speaking) start to crack, and eventually shatter, opening me up to her thoughts and memories. I could see her parents holding a small girl, my mate, tightly to them lovingly. I was happy she grew up with a nice family. I could feel a smile hit my lips. I found out she had a fear of thunderstorms, when she would always run into her parents room, and her father held her tightly as her mother would sing her a lullaby until she fell asleep with them. I could see her playing with a dog probably twice the size of her child-like body. I could hear her chiming laughs that made my knees weak. So many good loving memories, but one thing I had noticed was she was never around any other race but humans...  


I could see other memories of her parents telling her to avoid another species but humans pretty much. They and her grandparents told her horror stories about how horrible supernatural creatures were. I could feel my anger rising, no wonder she was so attached and didn't like me. She was afraid of me.   I could see other memories of her in grade school. She was run away from supernatural creatures, she only ever hung out with humans, never werewolves, wizards, fairies, and most of all vampires. I continued on but nothing serious ever really seemed to happen until she looked around twelve or so. I could see visions of her parents being dragged out by some of our guards. I think around think around that time was when we were in desperate need for more blood. I could see her crying, her tears streaming down in rivers on her beautiful face. I could feel my heart breaking. No wonder she hates me so much....  


But I couldn't help but feel as if they had deserved their fate. I mean they were telling my mate untrue things about my kind. I mean sure we aren't fond of humans. They are an inferior race after all, and food for us vampires. But not all of us discriminate against them. 


But I have no idea how I'm going to convince my small mate of this...

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