Soul Mates... *Justin Bieber Love/Vampire Story*

A few hundred years ago, super-natural creatures have taken over the world. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, you name it! Now humans have gone to the lowest ranks because of being the weakest. The only time they are really treated seriously is if you a mates to a super-natural creature (soul mates). If you are Human, it is required by law that you be with your soul mate and turn into their species.


They killed my family... I have no one now
Now I live on the streets, working two jobs to try to afford enough money for an apartment. One night, I agreed to work late at my job at Apple Bee's because I needed the extra money.

Big mistake...

Now, I've been taken by the famous vampire prince himself, Justin Bieber, claiming I am his bride (What Vampire's call their soul mates).

"You are my my bride" he whispered sending shivers down my spine


1. Meeting...


*** I'm sorry, but most of this chapter is going to be explaining stuff so you understand what is going on better. It does get more interesting at the end so I hope  you stay long enough for that. So ya...




Natalie's Point Of View


          I shoved my pay check into my back pocket of my old, torn, faded, blue jeans. I held my thin, worn coat to me trying to protect myself from the cold, winter air around me. My feet were freezing cold from stepping in the snowy side walk with old, dirty sneakers. My teeth were chattering from the cold as I walked threw the now vampire infested streets as I was making my way to my make-shift home in the forest. I could feel some of their blood thirst stairs on me. 

          Lucky for me a law was passed saying that vampires couldn't take blood from humans on the streets, that was what the blood banks were for. If you were human and you committed a crime, you were taken there as punishment, and you got feed vampires till you either died of blood loss or served your time there. Basically, the law was just a way to make humans feel like life is fare for them... Humans didn't have as many rights as all the other races. You had no freedom of speech, no freedom to own property, you couldn't have a voice against the government, ect.

          Basically, if you are  human, you have to keep quiet and can't go against what anyone says to you. Because if you didn't follow the rules, one of two things will happen. You could either be sent to a breeding center or a blood bank. Breeding centers are were you are forced to make children til can't anymore. After that, once the child turned sixteen it would be sent to a blood bank to be a blood slave.

           This is because Vampires are the main rulers now. Without blood they can't survive so they have to make excuses to get as many humans in these blood banks as possible...

          Sadly, the only way out of all of this madness, is if you are soul mates to a super-natural creature. If you were any other species, you would be able to reject them. But if you were human, it was required by law that you accept them and become what ever species they are. Just another way to have less humans roaming the streets freely and increase that species population. Not that it mattered much, most of the humans around my age are dreaming of having a mate. I mean, its not like your human life will go very far...

          I probably was one of the only human that didn't want that though. I hate the existence of super-natural creatures. They killed my parents who didn't nothing wrong...




           A few days ago my parents have been sent to the blood bank because they have been running low on blood. I wasn't to worried considering they had promised they would come back safe and unharmed. But I was wrong...

                     About a month later I had gotten a letter in the mail saying...


Dear Natalie Stones, 

     We are very sorry for your loss. Your parents, Lisa and Robert Stones, have died in our blood facilities due to blood loss. You will be sent into Foster Care until you are eighteen. And when you turn into and adult, you will be given you mother and father's savings. 


                    And then the letter was signed off by the queen... 

                    I had quickly packed my bags and left our home and hid out. I wasn't so worried about them trying to find me considering I was only just a human and I wasn't of age to be sent to a blood bank or a breeding center yet.

                    I was only twelve at the time...




           I felt tears prick my eyes at the horrible memory. I quickly wiped them away, not wanting to cry. There was really no point any more, they died two years ago. I kept walking for about five more minutes, and I was about ten more minutes away from my home until someone grabbed my arm. I turned around to see a boy around eighteen or nineteen, he had light brown hair and instantly recognized him. He was the prince of vampires, Justin Bieber... Shit




Justin's POV


          I rushed down the streets using my Vampire speed trying to find what was making this wonderful sweet smell. It smelled like Vanilla and Lavender. It was so soft yet so intoxicating at the same time, I couldn't get enough of it. In a matter of seconds, thanks to vampire speed, I was a few feet away from a human girl that looked around the age of fourteen or fifteen. She had long blonde hair that went down to her waist that looked as soft as silk. Her fair skin looked so soft and touchable, I could almost see her blood flowing under the surface of it. I could feel my fangs extending at the thought of it. I remember always hearing how your mates blood, no matter what species they were. I reached out and grabbed her arm, feeling shocks run threw the tips of my fingers and go threw out the rest of my body. It was the best feeling in my life, I just wanted to pull her in my arms and never let go of her...

          She turned around to see who it was and I saw the most beautiful angel in my life, she had a few freckles that spotted across her cheeks, pink, plump, soft lips, and sky blue eyes I got lost in. Right now I felt like the luckiest man in the world because of her. When I looked in to her eyes its like I was lost, but I didn't want to be found though. But I was pulled out of my trance sooner than I wanted to be.

          "Um, excuse me," her soft, angelic voice spoke. I wanted her to talk more just so I could listen to it. 

          "You're my Bride(what Vampires call their soul mates)," I stated happily smiling from ear to ear.

          I saw her eyes widen and fear show threw them. I could see tears start to form in her eyes, so I did what my first instinct was to do. I pulled her into my arms and whispered sweet nothings into her ear, trying to make her feel better, but instead she stiffened instantly. My hands rubbed up and down her back trying to sooth her and make her less stressed, which didn't seem to help her much. I hear her sobbing in my ear and I could feel wetness start to form at the base of my neck from her warm, salty tears. I could feel my heart break inside of my chest. 

          Carefully, as not to hurt her, I lifted her up into my arms bridal style and pulled her close to me. I looked down at her to see the whites of her eyes have turned red and her eyes were still leaking tears. I could feel the worry and sadness fill my heart even more to the point were I could even feel wetness form in my eyes. "Close your eyes," I whispered to her.

          "Okay," hear voice was shaky and weak. I watched as she closed her eyes and her beautiful long eye lashes cased  a shadow on her cheeks. After I double checked to make sure she was secure in my arms, I sprinted to my home.





Natalie's POV


          I could feel the wind rushing around me as the prince was running using his vampire speed. I had no idea what to do at this moment. I was the mate of a Vampire, PRINCE!!! I don't really think I'll be able to get out of this one... I couldn't help but have a river of tears flowing out of my eyes... Soon I drifted into darkness and couldn't feel the cold wind around me. Nothing mattered at the time, it was peaceful.

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