Soul Mates... *Justin Bieber Love/Vampire Story*

A few hundred years ago, super-natural creatures have taken over the world. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, you name it! Now humans have gone to the lowest ranks because of being the weakest. The only time they are really treated seriously is if you a mates to a super-natural creature (soul mates). If you are Human, it is required by law that you be with your soul mate and turn into their species.


They killed my family... I have no one now
Now I live on the streets, working two jobs to try to afford enough money for an apartment. One night, I agreed to work late at my job at Apple Bee's because I needed the extra money.

Big mistake...

Now, I've been taken by the famous vampire prince himself, Justin Bieber, claiming I am his bride (What Vampire's call their soul mates).

"You are my my bride" he whispered sending shivers down my spine


2. His Love, Her Hate

***Hey! Sry if this chapter is set up weirdly. I was working on this on my phone (because of school) on a documents app, and when I pasted it onto here, the format got all messed up. I tried fixing it, but if there are any mess ups plz just ignore it caz I hate rereading my stuff caz it makes me nervous and not want to post it. And audio correct might have been a pain so if words are completely wrong and don't fit in the sentence just try to fit a word that sounds good in there with it. I'm sry it's a little weird but I hope you still like it, now....




Natalie's Point of View     


I felt the soft, gentle caress of silk sheets under my skin. It felt wonderful against sensitive skin unlike the usual hard, splintery wood I usually slept on. I tried to turn over but I felt something wrapped around my small body, restricting me. "AHHHHH!!!" I screamed and squirmed and thrashing around, just trying to get out of their cold grip.


I only caused the grip to tighten around me making my fear worst. "What's wrong?!" the person yelled startled. I instantly recognized the voice and stopped immediately. The prince, oh gosh...  


"Um... Nothing I'm sorry for scarring you," I said in a hushed tone, uncomfortable with his cool arms around me. My whole side was pulled into his body, not to mention he was shirtless. I could feel his cool skin rubbing against my left arm. Man this is awkward...  


"Are you okay little mate?" he asked looking worried. He turned me a little so now, instead of looking up at the ceiling I was now facing him. He pulled me closer to him so my whole front side was pressed on to his, leaving me with little to no breathing room. I arched my back the slightest bit so my face wasn't as close to his. He seemed totally oblivious to how weird this was for me, considering he was still basically a stranger to me. But then again, I heard finding your mate was like finding the love of your life. For human, it's like finding a random man on the streets that wants to have sex with you.... I repeat, weird.  


"Ya, I'm fine. I Just a bad dream, that's all." I covered, trying to hide the discomfort in my voice with a smile.    He smiled at me and rubbed my back gently, probably in an attempt to comfort me, but only causing me to become more tense.


"Don't worry little mate, I'll protect you," he cooed to me, almost like I was a small child. I sighed trying to pull away a little from him. He obviously didn't like that very much because he growled, and pulled me back to him.  


"I just wanna use the bathroom," I told him, pushing against him again. I knew it wouldn't be able to do much, with his extra strength, but he would still be able to feel it.


"No, it's not even four yet, we have to start switching your sleeping patterns so we wake up at the same time," he stated looking down at me.   


"But I have to pee, though!" I whined trying to act the best I could giving him a slight puppy dog look.    He sighed, giving in.


"Fine, but be back soon," he excused unwrapping his arms reluctantly, letting me go. I just realized it was like having an ice pack (wrapped in rags) being taken off of my skin, his body is that cold.   


"Thanks," I mumbled and making my way out of the bed, throwing the silky soft sheets off of my body, revealing my skin to the cool air causing goose bumps to rise to my skin. I went to the door closest to the bed, lucky for me, it was the bathroom. The floor had white tiles that were cool to my feet, causing me to shiver. I closed the door behind me, did my business (i'm pretty sure we all know how to pee, I'm not explaining it!), and started to wash my hands after flushing the toilet. I splashed some warm, soothing water on to my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed I wasn't wearing the same clothes as the old dirty ones I was wearing before. Now I was wearing a lavender color night gown. Please tell me he didn't change me! I felt a warm flush of embarrassment fill my cheeks. What have I gotten myself into   The dress went down to about mid-thigh, which wasn't that bad. I was wearing underwear, but to my displeasure, I didn't have a bra on. I'm sure I looked like a tomato by now...


I walked back out of the bathroom and slowly walked back over to the bed, were the prince raveled his arms back around me and pulled me to him. "I missed you," he whispered into my hair and rubbed my back tenderly. It was almost like I was a porcelain doll he didn't want to break. He was so caring and gentle with me. But I have to remember who he was, and what his kind did.


"I was only gone for five minutes, at most," I told him.   


"I know but I need you in my arms, it will be hard for me to stay away from you at all until I mate with you," he stated plainly, as if it was the most normal and every day thing to say, still breathing in the scent of my hair.  


"Oh," I said hearing my voice crack. I cringed at the thought of having sex with him. I'm only fourteen, I wasn't ready for it. But I wasn't to fond of the idea of him being stuck to me forever till then. But still, there's no way I want to do it.    He pulled me away from him slightly and looked at me concerned.


"What wrong little mate?" he asked while his hand caressed my cheek softly.   


"Please stop calling me that, I have a name," I said faintly, attempting to change the subject.   


"Then what is your name?" he asked with a flirty smile.   


"Natalie," I told him weakly, not finding any power in my voice. I was beginning to feel more tired and sleepy.  


"Natalie," he whispered. It was almost like he was testing how it sounded on his tongue. "Beautiful," he stated brushing piece of my hair out of my face and pecking the tip of my nose. "I'm Justin," he said, joy clear in his voice.  


"I know, you're the vampire prince," I stated bluntly and uninterested like it wasn't any big deal. Though on the inside, I was thinking of all of the reasons I didn't want to be with him.  


He gazed at my face for a minutes, as if studying me. I stared back not averting my gaze finally getting a good look at him.(some things will be slightly different since he's a vampire) He had dark brown eyes, decorated with red flecks making them a look of depth and made them see different from the rest making them look all the more interesting. He had blood red, pouty lips, that were one of the first things that caught my attention. His hair, now messy in a bed head look, was light brown with small bits of darker low lights scattered threw out it. He had pale, perfect skin that covered his built muscular structure. Looks being deceiving, he didn't look like a strong body builder, but he did look like he  set some time on the side to work out. But then again, he was a vampire. But he was really attractive...


I could feel my eyes starting to droop from sleepiness. I yawned, closing my eyes and feeling the water well in them a little. The previous event must have been taking a real tole on me. That, or for once I was in an actual bed. I felt the sheets being pulled back over my body, enveloping them in warmth and comfort. I felt the prince's cool lips kiss my forehead lightly and his arms wrap around me pulling me to him. I turned to my other side so my back was facing him and curled in to my normal ball I usually did when I slept. I felt him lean over me and whisper in my ear, "Good night my little Natalie, I'll be here for you when you wake up."  


And that was when I fell into a deep sleep...  




  "NO!!! Don't take them from me!" I screamed tears pouring down my face as the officers dragged my mom and dad away.    "It's okay sweetie, we'll be fine," I heard my mom try to calm me down, even though I could hear the fear in her voice. I tried running after them, but I felt a guard take a hold of my arms preventing me from advancing any further. I reached my arms out for them, almost like I could grab them from this distance and pull them back over to me, but I sadly knew it could never be true. "No! Please don't take them," I begged falling to my knees as I watched as they were put into the car. I felt a river of warm, salty tears stream down my face. I heard the cars engine be activated and start speeding down the street. 

I curled my knees up to my chest and shoved my face into the muffling my sobs. 

"Your parents should be back in about six months," the vampire who held me back, said before leaving my home. 

I felt the smallest bit of reassurance from this, but it made me feel better slightly...




Justin's POV


I had just took a shower, while waiting for my bride to get  up. I threw on some boxers and a pair of grey sweat pants. I was going to spend the whole day with Natalie. I brushed the towel threw my wet hair trying to get it to stop dripping, but I stopped abruptly when I heard sobs, my mates. I dropped the towel on the floor and look to see my mate curled into a small ball with small streams of tears falling down her cheeks. I could feel my heart wrench. I picked her up and cradled her to my bare chest. She unconsciously cuddled into me and her tears slowly came to a stop and she was peaceful sleep, I smiled. She probably doesn't it yet, but she has a connection with me, as do all other mates. Humans just can't feel it nearly as much as supernatural creatures can. She will probably thinks of it as a simple crush. 


But as we slowly go threw the mating process together, she'll begin to become more and more attached to me, until I finally change her to a vampire and then she'll feel the same as me. I ran my fingers threw her hair, feeling soft silkiness in the blond, wavy locks.





Natalie's POV


I could feel gentle fingers running threw my hair, calming me. I don't know why, but ever since I was a young little girl, I always loved it when people played with my hair, so you could only imagine how good it felt to me. I snuggled into my pilliow, the was kind of hard and cold for some reason, and enjoyed the feeling. It reminded me of when my dad would hold me and play with my hair when ever I couldn't fall asleep. Wait... the vampire


I screamed, very high pitched. I felt his arms unravel from me and I took the chance to roll off of him. I scrambled out of the bed to the other side of the room. 


"Please don't touch me," I whimpered as he came back for me.

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