Soul Mates... *Justin Bieber Love/Vampire Story*

A few hundred years ago, super-natural creatures have taken over the world. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, you name it! Now humans have gone to the lowest ranks because of being the weakest. The only time they are really treated seriously is if you a mates to a super-natural creature (soul mates). If you are Human, it is required by law that you be with your soul mate and turn into their species.


They killed my family... I have no one now
Now I live on the streets, working two jobs to try to afford enough money for an apartment. One night, I agreed to work late at my job at Apple Bee's because I needed the extra money.

Big mistake...

Now, I've been taken by the famous vampire prince himself, Justin Bieber, claiming I am his bride (What Vampire's call their soul mates).

"You are my my bride" he whispered sending shivers down my spine


4. His Attempts

****Ok I know you probably hate me for not uploading FOREVER!!!! And there are ten billion reasons why this didn't get up sooner so I'm just going to list then really fast!!! Here we go!!!


1. School makes things impossible!!!

We were working on our schedules for like weeks and everything got complicated for reasons that will take hours to explain! Also, the quarter was ending after that and my grades were top priority at that point so I was basically just studying and sleeping half the time.


2. I do sports!

I do artistic rollerskating and my life is on two sets of wheels


3. My spring break is absolutly shitty!

Ya, it's depressing -_-


4. I kind of didn't feel like writing for awhile

I was kind of cheeped out when I found out Justin Bieber got a monkey so I didn't really want to write about him... like at all...


5. This ended up getting deleted like three and a half times!

1/2 of a time from my stupidity of forgetting to save it, and once from my computer dying and then two more times because of my phone. So every time that happened I got depressed and waited a week before I actually wanted to try writing it again...





PS sry if this is short i'm just desperately trying to get this up!


Natalie's Point of View


I shoved my face into the soft, fluffy pillow groaning. I flipped over in the bed trying to get more comfortable in it. I cuddled closer to the covers and pulled them up to my neck, when I felt a weird throbbing. I touched my hand to it again gently and it few sore and raw. I felt around and I felt to puncher wounds embedded in my sensitive skin. I shot up in bed remember what had happened from.... yesterday? I wasn't sure on the time at all. I lost my sense of timing with the weird new sleeping habits and then being injected with drug like venom. I opened my eyes only to still see darkness, thanks to the lights being off. I could feel my eyes straining to be able to see but after five minutes I could see the outlines of some shapes.  


When I built up the courage, I quietly got out of bed, trying not to attract any attention with noise to go lo bok out the window. I move the curtain back lightly, to see stars still sprinkled across the black night sky. The moon was high up and full showing off its intense beauty. So either I slept threw a whole day, or I was only out for a few hours. I tip toed  back over to the bed, but of course I have to be a clutz at some of the worst times ever. I tripped on accident, and managed to bang my toes on the hard wood on the side of the bed. I grunted and pulled my toe up off the ground in pain. I sat on the bed rest it when the lights flickered on. 


I covered my eyes with my hands in pain, because my eyes cant adjust that fast. My face scrunched up trying to get my eyes to adjust a little bit when I felt someone grab my foot. I looked up for a second to see the Prince looking at my foot concerned. His gentle fingers glided across my skin softly making a shiver go down my spin.


"Are you okay? What happened?" Justin questioned me still gazing at my foot trying to find any major issues. 


I pulled my foot out of his hands roughly trying to get rid of our skin to skin contact. It made me feel weird in ways I would never admit to anyone, but for a change it was actually calming me down and made me want to relax into his caress. But I would never let him know that. I pulled my knee up to my chest and wrapped my small hands around my foot and wiggled my toes trying to work out the pain. "I'm fine, I just stubbed my toes," I stated quietly. 


I looked up at him for a second, seeing a disappointed look on his face. He looked down at his hands and whispered "Oh". I could feel my heart wrench at the sight, and I don't know why. I didn't like the fact he was sad for some reason. I don't know what came over me for a minute, but I leaned over, moving my leg over to the side so it was easier to reach, and I planted a sweet, tender kiss on his cheek. I pulled away from him and looked back down at my foot. "Thank you for caring though," I told him in a quiet voice. I rubbed my toes start to get better. After the words left my mouth, I could almost see the happiness radiating off of him. I peaked up at him threw my long, black lashes, to see an ear to ear smile painted on his face. Momentarily, he looked like the happiest man alive. His eyes had this sparkle to them, making the golden, hazel color stand out even more and it looked amazing on him. I looked back down at my feet feeling a blush cover my cheeks, why did I just kiss a vampire? I thought  disgusted with myself.


The worst part is that I actually liked it though...


I leaned my head down to hid my face, which brought more of my long blonde hair down into my face, acting as if it were a curtain. I played with my nails, picking at the dry edges, a nervous habit I seemed to have picked up when I was younger. I felt my hair being pushed back and behind my ear. Then a soft, but strong hand reached up and with it's finger tips gently pushed my face up, revealing my rosy pink cheeks. I looked up to see Justin staring at me with such love and adoration I almost melted. With soft strokes, he began to brush his fingers on my face. I unintentionally leaned into his touch and he cupped my cheek. He bent over and kissed my nose before getting up off of the bed. 


He smiled happily at me, making my heart flutter. "Ill go down stairs and make you some breakfast while you get ready, I'll set some clothes out for you also," he stated. I nodded. He left me on my own as I prepared for the day.



Justin's POV


I had ordered the cooks in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my little Natalie. I almost forgot that you need to feed humans every now and then so they stay healthy. But anyways, I told them just to prepare one of their best meals for my mate. I also gathered her some clothes that I thought would look nice on her, and set them on the coffee table as I let myself fall onto the couch.


I could hear the shower upstairs turn on, probably Natalie. I could hear the noise go slightly deeper as she stepped under the water. I could imagine her in the shower her creamy white skin, turning slightly pink from the hot water. Steam flying in the air surrounding her bare body. Her blonde waist length hair sticking to her... got to stop thinking like this before my more animalistic (vampire) side takes control.


Though, with the image still tightly packed in my brain. I felt my pants tighten slightly. I groaned frustrated. I would never be able to survive this in a few weeks since the mating  bond will get even stronger the longer we don't mate. Eventually, we'll be jumping for each other and we'll be so drown in our lust for each other we won't be able to use common sense. I was just worried for my little Natalie. I could smell the pureness and freshness of her blood, meaning she was virgin. The thought of me being her one and only obviously pleases me, but I wanted her to be willing to mate with me not it just be what has to happen because of what fate put on us. 


I was lucky to have my Natalie as a mate. I wouldn't want to displease her in anyway, she was meant to be mine forever. She was beautiful. Her creamy, white skin looked soft and she had little, almost unnoticeable freckles, for a human that is. Her sea blue eyes shined bright and full of life. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back looking silky, soft, and touchable. Her petite figure fit perfectly into mine almost making her seem like a child at five foot.... 


I continued to drift off in my thoughts of Natalie, ever if my thoughts were not so innocent at times. 


"Um, Justin?" I heard an angelic voice say. My eyes snapped open to see Natalie standing at the foot of the stair case in just a towel, a very short towel I might add, and dripping wet hair. The thin fabric was just covering her enough not to show the most important parts, but it was more than enough to drive me to insanity. I could feel my pants tighten, once again, to the point it was almost painful. I could feel my eyes darken as I gazed at her lustfully. I could only imagine ripping off that stupid towel from my dear Natalie. 


"Um Justin! Stopping staring at me like your going to eat me!" Natalie whimpered, almost sounding afraid. I did my best to push down my vampire instincts and only stared at her face, which was the hardest thing I'll ever be forced to do. "Um, I was calling for you upstairs but you didn't answer me. You never gave me any clothes," she stated.


Fuck my life, I thought to myself still trying to calm down my mini me

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