More than Friends

Violet and Harry are best friends, ever since the first day of kindergarten. Harry has a huge crush on Violet, but she has absolutely no idea. But, he's shy and doesn't know how to tell her. When violet starts dating Spencer, Harry's heart breaks into a thousand pieces. Will Harry ever work up enough courage to tell Violet how he really feels and is there any chance she feels the same?...


1. Chapter 1

"Hey Violet, wanna come over after school today?", Harry asked me as he came over by my locker. "Yah sure sounds like fun Harry". I responded. "Hey wanna get that book for me? I can't reach it", I asked. "Fiiine, I don't understand why you always put it in the too shelf though". Harry whined. "Because I want you to bring it down for me everyday that's why", I responded smiling at him. Then, Zayn leaned against the locker next to mine, Perrie in his arm, "Alright you guys ready to go to English?", Zayn announced as Harry handed me the book. Soon, it was the end of the day, and Harry was carrying my backpack, alongside his as we approached his car. Hopping in the passenger seat, I watched the crowd of girls checking out harry and giving him googly eyes. But as being his best friend, it never bothered me. I loved him, but not in that way. As family not as a boyfriend or anything like that. 

We drove to his house, and were greeted by his mom when we entered the house.  

"Hello Violet!", she said

"Oh hi Mrs. Styles!", I said opening the fridge without thinking anything of it. 


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