LuRoaxe Poems

These are just some poems I've decided to make out of boredom! Please check them out and tell me what you think! ;D


2. Spring in Germany

Here I walk through a bare street in Germany 
The wind swaying gently, the grass full of dew. 
Birds fly above me and all sing in harmony 
It's spring time, it's the start of something new. 


The trees, the flowers, and the beautiful colors 
They're coming back 'cause winter is over. 
I look and smile at a blue sky that's fuller
And bend down to pick up a rare four leaf clover. 


Smelling the air, it tastes so sweet 
Hearing the birds chirp are music to my ears 
I feel as I walk my steady heartbeat 
The sun is now rising; spring is here, spring is here!

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