The moment his emerald green eyes captured mine I couldn’t believe that I was staring at such beauty. The way the warm England breeze blew threw his wild curls instantly made him look like a model. But, I could only imagine what he thought of me. A girl with dirt stains on her pants and shirt, uncombed hair, and holey shoes. I was just the homeless girl.

His world was obviously so different than mine.

Just for a second I swore I could have seen deep dimples on the side of his cheeks as a small smile appeared on his face. “Uh did you not hear me? Get out of here!” the security guard asked. I regrettably tore my eyes away from the boy and nodded “Okay. Sorry again” I whispered.

“Mina…is dat boy got lotsa money?” she asked.

I chuckled and whispered “Yea. I think so” I said and continued down the long path exiting the wealthy neighborhood. “Mina and Izzy don’t got money wite?” she said.

She was right...we had nothing. We were homeless.


16. Statue Of Liberty

Mina’s POV

I was pulled out of my peaceful sleep to the feeling of my body bouncing constantly. What the hell?! I shot my eyes open to find Izzy jumping up and down on the big bed we were lying on with a goofy smile on her face. 

“WAKEEEEEEEYYYYYY!” she said happily falling on top of me with a laugh. “Good lord Izzy! I can’t breathe!” I said pretending to gasp for air which caused her to immediately pull away and look concerned. I laughed at her and pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheeks. “We stay here again!?” she asked with hope in her eyes. 

It was such a fantastic feeling to know that Izzy would finally be sleeping in a bed, and a cozy one at that. “Yes. We are definitely sleeping here again” I said brushing her wild hair out of her face. “Wears harrwe?” she said suddenly

I looked to my side to find the bed empty and a part of me felt empty without seeing Harry and his bed hair laying beside me, but he probably had to leave for work. 

“He left to go to work he’ll be back soon, as well as the other boys” I told her. I let Izzy hop on my back as I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room in which I found a note with Harry’s scribble writing on it. 

As I read it I smiled widely thinking about exploring the city with Harry and Izzy. It would be amazing! I glanced over at the clock that hung in the kitchen and gasped at the time. 4:30pm! Holy Shit I had slept the whole day away! “We need to get ready, we are going out on the town tonight!” I said running with Izzy back towards the room. “Magicall bath?” she said in awe as we looked around at the bathroom. 

It was fucking massive. It had an all glass shower, a Jacuzzi tub thing, and also a separate bath that sat in its beautiful glory right in the middle. “Hell yea it’s a magical bath” I mumbled going over to it and turning on the water to warm and watching it start to fill. I also noticed some liquid bottles on the counter and decided to see what they were. They read: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath. 

Hmmmm Bubble bath? Is that like the thing that causes all the bubbles? If so Izzy is going to love it! 

I grabbed the Bubble Bath and poured some into the bath watching it automatically start to bubble up. “Gahhhh Bubbles!” Izzy said reaching her hand in and pulling some out on her hand. She instantly blew them and then flew into my face. I shrieked and then giggled as I rolled my eyes at her. I quickly pulled Izzy out of her clothes and then undressed myself as well, I found it relieving that Izzy had not one scratch on her body. 

Although I definitely could not say that about myself but all that matter was Izzy’s safety and I was happy that I took all of the hurt and pain for her. We hopped into the bath and literally I got a few years of my childhood back.

Playing around in the bubbles with Izzy and just acting completely crazy made me for a moment forget about all the shit that happened when I was younger. I was happy Izzy would have these memories of her childhood. We got so caught up in having fun the whole floor was soaked from the splashing, but hey I’d be cleaning it up anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I was pulled out of my fun when the door to the bathroom flew open “Mina!?” Harry said loudly like he didn’t expect me to be there. I looked at his distressed and worried face and instantly wanted to hug him and figure out what was wrong but at the moment I was naked and in the tub. 

“Oh thank goodness your okay!” he said taking a step forward only to have his shoe connect with the slippery water on the floor. I watched with a gasp as Harry fell on his ass and slid across the floor landing only a few inches away from us. “Heyyy its Haweee!” Mina said clapping her hands. 

“Harry! Oh my gosh are you okay?” I whispered in complete shock. When he looked up he had a smile on his face which caused us both to start busting out laughing. This laughter didn’t last seconds but minutes because I kept replaying his face when he fell to the ground.

“Why the hell is there water all over the floor!? I could have died!” he finally said. “Because we might have been splashing each other and why did you come busting into the bathroom! I could have been naked or something!” I playfully glared at him. “Because I walked in the room and you were no where to be found and I got worried that maybe you left and then I decided to check the bathroom…and well I found you. And Mina, you kinda are naked” he smiled showing me those dimples. 

“Why would I leave if you asked me not to? And yea but im covered in bubbles so technically I’m covered up” I shot back with a smirk. He shrugged his shoulders and then appeared to be thinking until he laughed again. “what?” I asked. “You and Izzy don’t have clothes…so what where you planning on wearing?” he asked. I mentally faced palmed myself, he was so right. 

“Uhh, I would have found something or just worn something of yours. Now get out so I can get out the tub !” I said. “Fine Fine! You know you should be nice to me considering I just fell on my ass because of you” he laughed as he stood up and steadied himself.

I laughed because he had water all across his back and watched him shake his hair out and look at me. Izzy was in the process of playing with his hair and he was looking at me with a sort of hesitation in his eyes. “Is there something wrong?” I asked. 

He was silent and then shook his head, but came closer until he was towering over me. He surprised me as he smiled and leaned down to kiss me softly and pulled away. “What was that for?” I said placing my fingers to my lips. He looked almost determined as he spoke “Because I L-“ he didn’t finish as Izzy splashed him and pouted. “Where’s my kwiss!” she said. 

I looked down at her and rolled my eyes while Harry smiled softly and leaned in to kiss her cheek. I waited for him to finish what he was saying but he only dipped down to kiss my forehead and quickly raced out avoiding falling again. 

As I dried Izzy and I up with the fluffy towels in the bathroom I tried to think of what he was going to say.

Because he left me alone this morning? Because he lost track of time and got back late?
I would never know what he said unless I somehow asked him again, and I was kind of curious. As we stepped out of the bathroom I found some of Harry’s clothes laid out and some clothes that would fit Izzy. Where did Harry get children’s clothes from? I helped mina into her skirt, shirt and shoes and then changed into Harry’s Pink Floyd shirt and some jeans that were obviously not his…maybe Eleanor’s because the fit pretty well. 

My hair was still wet and wavy so I decided to French braid it which caused Izzy to want her’s braided. Once I finished I threw the towels into the hamper in the bathroom and held Izzy’s hand as we walked towards the bedroom door to exit. 

“Louis, I tried to tell her! And it just didn’t come out. I mean I was interrupted but still I had the chance to tell her and I couldn’t!” I heard Harry say. Who is he talking about? I pushed the door open to find Louis giving Harry a bro hug…was I missing something. “Louis I’m not supposed to be like this, I’ve never been like this ever. I can’t believe I’m freaking out just cause I didn’t tell her” Harry mumbled into Louis’s shoulder. 

“Tell who what?” I asked casually causing Harry to jump away from Louis and them both to stare at me. “I like my shirt on you, it looks hot” Harry said with a small smile. “Uh thanks! Are these Elle’s pants? And where did you get Izzy’s clothes from?” I asked. “Well Eleanor likes to be an over achiever and pack for everyone, she even brought Simon extra white shirts just in case he needed them” Louis replied with a laugh. 

I nodded my head and my eyes fell back to Harry, why was their such tension between us at the moment? Did I do something wrong? Louis could tell because he broke the silence by suggesting we all go out to dinner and do some shopping in which I happily agreed. I swear Harry was just out of it he was like being all quite and figity, it was insanely weird and I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me. 

At the moment we were all in a car that Paul had rented for us and we were driving down the streets and I couldn’t help but smash my face against the window wanting to see everything. 

I heard a deep laugh beside me and I turned slightly to see Harry watching me. “You excited?” he asked. I nodded my head quickly “I’ve never even been to America before, let alone have the other states in the UK. This is amazing!” I said. After that Harry stayed quiet which I couldn’t help but get a little annoyed by. “Harry is something wrong?” I asked directing my attention to him. 

“No, it’s nothing really” he said. He wouldn’t look me in the eye so I knew he wasn’t comfortable, but he would tell me when he was ready I guess. 

I shrugged and slipped my hand into his large once enjoying the feeling of our fingers laced together. It was kind of like I was telling him to not worry and I wasn’t going to pry any further, he seemed to understand and relaxed leaning his head on my shoulder. “Where are we going?” Paul asked from the front. “How bout the statue of liberty! I’ve never been before!” Zayn said excitedly from the row in front of us. 

I heard Paul reply and then pull his phone out, and soon we were piling onto a ferry boat and gliding across the water. The sun was setting and it literally looked magical as the scene reflected off of the water. I glanced over at Lou and Eleanor who were cuddling on one side of the boat snapping pictures and being all cutesy. The way Lou looked at Eleanor was something that every girl wanted…especially me. Most of my life I had been told I was worthless, that I was a waste of space, and that no one would love me. 

I shook the thoughts out of my head quickly trying not to ruin the moment I was having and blinking my eyes to stop tears from falling. Those familiar pair of arms snaked around me from behind and I blushed as I felt Harry kiss my neck soothingly. “What’s wrong love?” he asked. “What? Nothing, I’m fine” I said quickly. 

“Mina, come on it’s me. You can tell me” he said turning me so I was staring up at his perfect godly face. “Do you think I’m worthless?” I whispered softly avoiding his eyes. “What?” he asked letting his voice rise with confusion.

“My dad told me all the time I was worthless…and it just crossed my mind because…well nothing really” I stammered trying to give away the fact that I was jealous over Louis and Eleanor’s relationship. Harry’s jaw tightened in anger as he looked away from me for a second “Mina, you seriously shouldn’t believe anything that asshole of a father said to you” he said lowly. 

“Well its hard when its been constantly pushed into my brain since the age of like 5!” I defended. 

Harry sighed and pulled me into a hug “You are not worthless. You mean everything to mean and I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if you weren’t here. You’re so sincere, caring, genuine, and beautiful. Your priceless to me babe” he said causing my heart to stop for a second.

Was he serious?!

I think I was experiencing a mini heart attack by how fast my heart was stopping, starting and fluttering around. As he leaned in to kiss me I felt like I wanted to cry, honestly how could this be happening? In a matter of months I was in America, with a famous boy band, and completely in love with one of them. He was sweet, caring, respectful…I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. After a life time of hell I was seriously feeling like I was in heaven.

Harry pulled me closer as our lips melted together and my arms wrapped tightly around his neck, I hesitated a little bit as I felt his tongue glide across my bottom lip. Usually a guy would just shove his tongue down my throat so it was kind of interesting to have been asked permission. 

I slowly let my mouth open and felt Harry’s tongue move against mine. I gasped a little at the soft sensation not really sure what to do. My heart fluttered again as Harry pulled his tongue away and placed a soft kiss to my lips as if saying everything was okay and not to worry. 

He repeated the action but then let his tongue slide into my mouth for the second time and this time I was relaxed and curious about the new sensation. It was obvious Harry had been with other girls because he was an expert at kissing but I wasn’t angry at him, he was just being normal unlike me who had never done stuff like this with a guy I loved. His hand was around the back of my neck locking our lips together as he gently, experimentally, sucked my tongue. Shivers ran down my spine as he repeated the action gently massaging my tongue as if to see what my reaction would be. 

An unintentional moan escaped my lips which caused me to instantly jump away and clasp my mouth shut with my hand, completely in shock. 

I can honestly tell you I had never in my life thought about having sex with anyone, but if Harry had continued kissing me the way he was I would have melted in his arms and happily given myself to him! “I just…I j-just…” I said completely embarrassed causing Harry to laugh and pull me back to him. 

“You’re a so cute” he mumbled. How the hell was I cute! I just pulled away from a hot guy who was kissing me like he was the God of sexual desires! Retarded or Loser is more of the word he should have said. A giant horn blew on the ferry boat and I glance over to only have my eyes trail up into the sky to reveal the Statue of Liberty. Harry reached for my hand and lead me off the boat.

“Why is there no one here?” Eleanor asked as Harry and I walked beside her and Louis leaving Zayn, Naill, and Liam behind us. “Paul called them to shut down early so we could privately view it without being bombarded by papz” Zayn answered. “Well that’s pretty fucking awesome you guys have the power to do that” I said causing the boys to laugh as we entered. Harry walked with me as I was the only one to actually want to read about the history of the amazing statue while the others ran up the steps and left us alone.

“This is fascinating! I had no idea about any of this stuff” I said honestly looking over the old pictures and facts that hung against the wall. “It is pretty insane right? That the built this first in France, then took It apart and brought it all the way over here” he answered. I was still reading until my eyes stopped on a particular fact. 

“WHAT THE HELL 354 STEPS!!!?” I shouted causing Harry to laugh. “Oh come on it’s not that bad don’t you want to get to the top and see the view?” he asked. “I wouldn’t get to the top anyway because I would have died halfway of climbing the steps” I said seriously only earning a dimpled smile from Harry.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me towards the first step and gave me a thumbs up when I climbed to like the 5th one. I thought it would be funny to annoy him so I slowly and slowly inched my way up each step causing him to pout and groan. 

I was confused then because in once moment everything was in focus and the next I was upside down being hauled up the steps. “HARRY EDWARD STYLES PUT ME DOWN THIS MINUTE!” I shouted hitting his back and cringing at the idea of how heavy I was. I squealed as he slapped my butt and told me to stop wiggling around. “you are in serious trouble after this mister” I pouted once we had finally got to the top. 

“It’s okay it will be worth it!” he said as he pulled me to the middle of all the windows and pointed outwards.

The sight was beyond beautiful, it was surreal and almost like something you would see in a dream. The buildings were towered high with confidence and strength while you could see little ferry’s traveling across the water. It was like I was in a whole other world. “Thank You” I whispered to him out of the blue. 

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me with confusion. “For what?” he asked. “For bring me here, for saving me, for not letting me go” I said. I kissed him softly and couldn’t stop myself form asking why he had done so much for me. Why did he help a homeless girl with so many issues?

“Why though? Why did you do all of this for me?” I asked. He thought about his answer and took a deep breath resting his forehead against mine.

“I did it because I am in love with you” 

Hold on…what did he just say!!!!?

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