The moment his emerald green eyes captured mine I couldn’t believe that I was staring at such beauty. The way the warm England breeze blew threw his wild curls instantly made him look like a model. But, I could only imagine what he thought of me. A girl with dirt stains on her pants and shirt, uncombed hair, and holey shoes. I was just the homeless girl.

His world was obviously so different than mine.

Just for a second I swore I could have seen deep dimples on the side of his cheeks as a small smile appeared on his face. “Uh did you not hear me? Get out of here!” the security guard asked. I regrettably tore my eyes away from the boy and nodded “Okay. Sorry again” I whispered.

“Mina…is dat boy got lotsa money?” she asked.

I chuckled and whispered “Yea. I think so” I said and continued down the long path exiting the wealthy neighborhood. “Mina and Izzy don’t got money wite?” she said.

She was right...we had nothing. We were homeless.


19. Shopping Day

I causally held Izzy’s hand as we left the hotel with El, Lou, and her sweet daughter Lux. I can see why all the boys loved Lux and I found it funny because her and Izzy were attached at the hip even though Izzy was about 2 years older. “So where are we going?” I asked as I felt the warm New York breeze flow across my exposed legs. “We are going to Time Square Love, it’s where all of the best shopping is” Lou said smiling over to me. Lou was a really nice woman and had an awesome since of style unlike myself. “Now our mission is to stock Mina up with some super fashionable clothes, we’ve got to find what her style is!” El said poking my side as we watched Lou hail a taxi. Once she did we climbed into the taxi just completely in awe as we drove down the crowded streets. “This place is so amazing! There’s so much going on” I said pointing out stuff to Izzy as she sat on my lap.


“I know! I love New York, whenever Louis tells me they are taking a trip here I always make sure to come. But shopping is tied between here and Los Angeles. You are going to die when we go there” El said as she played with baby Lux.
“I still can’t believe we are in New York, about to travel the world. It’s so surreal” I said in awe as my eyes trailed over the tall sky rise buildings. “So Mina tell me more about yourself?” Lou asked gently, almost as if maybe the boys had told her I was sensitive about certain questions. “Um well I’ve been taking care of Izzy for most of her life so I had to grow up pretty fast. I’ve never left London in my life so it’s so weird being here. I’m a little shy at first, and its hard for me to meet people cause I would say I’m socially awkward” I said honestly listening to El scoff and roll her eyes. “Yea she is shy until you actually talk to her for like 30 minutes” El laughed. “That’s so sweet. I can already tell Izzy and Lux are going to be the best of friends” Lou said. “I never had a fwend before!” Izzy squealed as she reached over to play with Lux’s ponytail which caused the younger blonde to giggle. “You are a very special girl though, I have never seen Harry act the way he does with you. He really does love you” she said seriously causing me to blush and glance back out the window.
Who would have thought I’d fall in love?
We continued to chat amongst ourselves until we pulled up to a stop. “Yes! We are here come on!” El shouted pulling me out of the taxi and joining me on the side of the street. I was faced with a long strip of fancy shops and I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my sockets. “Oh my god. This place is beautiful” I mumbled as I tightened my hand around Izzy’s. “HOLY SHIT IS THAT ELEANOR AND LOU!!!” a girl squealed as she ran up to us. Eleanor took a protective step in front of me and began to happily talk to the girl and then took pictures. It was so good seeing that Eleanor had fans because she dated Louis. “Who are you?” the girl asked me once she was finished taking pictures with Lou and Lux. I opened my mouth not really sure what to say until Lou stepped in for me “She’s a close friend of Eleanor’s!” Lou said happily. At first the girl and her friends looked a little suspicious but then smiled and hoped next to me. “Can we get a picture with you too?” they asked. I had never taken pictures before, like ever. “Umm sure I guess” I said feeling a smile creep up on my face as they snapped a few shots. “Hey whadda bout me!” Izzy said pulling on my shorts. “I didn’t forget about you” I smiled lifting her up in my arms and smiling for more pictures as other people noticed El and Lou.
After about 15 minutes or so we actually began to start shopping around. I had no idea what any of these stores were called but most of them just had like the names of the designers I guess. I thought I would hate shopping around but being with El and Lou I could not help but have an amazing time. At the moment Lou had taken Izzy and Lux to one of the kiddie stories which left El and I in a store called H&M. “Do you like these?” she asked holding up 2 pairs of shorts and a dress. “Uh I don’t know, I’d have to put them on” I said causing her to huff out loud. “We have been to like 10 stores already and you have yet to buy one thing!” she said grabbing a few other items as I walked towards the shirts. I found after shopping that I was really into like either flowery prints or rockish type wear. Weird combination I know but I liked the contrast in styles. It was the perfect combination of girly and tomboy!
I grabbed a few shirts and turned to find El waving me over to the fitting rooms. “Jesus how much stuff can you fit in here El? There’s like 100 things!” I groaned as I looked into the small fitting room covered with clothes. “Do you forget we are going on tour for practically a whole year! You have 0 clothes! So hush up and get to trying on stuff” she said slapping my cheek gently and closing the door in my face. I rolled my eyes at her and pulled out my bun not wanting to deal with it getting caught in the hundreds of stuff I was trying on. I now stood in front of 3 mirrors and looked over myself curiously. There was something different. It was my eyes. Before I had been so used to the dull hopeless look that filled them, but now they were almost sparkling and bright.
I smiled at my reflection for once enjoying the sight of my genuine smile and then got to work. Of course after every article of clothing I put on I had to go out and model it for El which I must say was really fun. She made me try on these like hot red leather shorts that were high waisted and she went crazy when she saw them. “HOLY SHIT DAT ASS!!!” she screamed causing me to almost cry from laughing so hard. I actually liked them so much I didn’t want to take them off. I was busy trying on a few shirts with the shorts to see what would go nicely with them until El’s ringtone erupted from behind the door of my fitting room. “Yes Harold” she said with a laugh. Instantly a huge smile erupted on my face and after pulling the white hang off the shoulder top onto my body to cover up I pushed my way out of the door. “Stop worrying! She’s okay…No the fans were not mean to her…I said she was one of my friends…yes I did what you asked” she said as she circled me observing the outfit together. “How the hell did you get blessed with an ass and boobs!?” she said suddenly into the phone but directing the question at me. “OH MY GOD SHUT UP ELEANOR!” I cried lunging at the phone and grabbing it from her hands to avoid anymore inappropriate remarks.
“Hi baby” I said breathlessly into the phone. “What the hell are you wearing for her to say that??” he said frantically causing me to laugh. “She’s just being over dramatic! I swear it’s just a pair of shorts and a top” I said into the phone while Eleanor took the liberty to dry hump me from behind. I swear her and Louis were soulmates. I heard Harry sigh on the phone and then recollect himself “Good! And besides I am the only person who can see your perfect beautiful body, not anyone else. So keep it covered!” he said causing me to blush deeply at his compliment. “I will!! What are you doing?” I asked trying to change the subject so my face would go back to normal. “The boys and I are actually on our way to an interview now. After we were all gonna come back and they wanted to clubbing. But if you don’t want to go we can just go out to dinner or something” he said immediately, hmm I don’t know about the whole clubbing thing I had never even danced before besides with Danielle. “Um I’ll think about it” I said shrugging my shoulders and smiling as Eleanor gave me a thumbs up at what I was wearing. “I miss you” he said suddenly into the phone. “I miss you too love” I smiled as I walked back into the fitting room ignoring Eleanor’s shouts of protests. “I saw those pictures of you with fans a few hours ago” he said brightly, I could already imagine the smile on his face when he said it. “Yea, they were really nice. They even wanted pictures with Izzy! It was crazy but fun” I said honestly as I pulled the clothes off and reached for one of the final dresses I had to try on. “I’m glad you had fun and none of them gave you problems. But ugh I have to go. Tell Eleanor to stop at the apple store to get you a phone so that you won’t have to use her’s for the rest of the day” he laughed, just hearing his joyous laugh caused a smiled to creep up on my face. “Okay bye babe have a good time at the interview” I said gently a little sad I woulnd’t be able to hear his voice for a bit. “You just survive your shopping trip with Eleanor haha. I love you Mina” his deep voice said causing my heart to speed up. “I love you too” I said softly into the phone before hearing the phone click off.
“Stealing phones is a crime! I could report you” El said once I stepped out in my new dress with the phone in my palm. “Oh shut up I was only on it for 5 minutes. And harry said something about getting me a phone” I said as I looked over the light blue dress that flowed over my body like water. “Oh yea no problem. Plus that dress is gorgeous, you are so getting it!” She squealed letting her eyes trail over me. A yawn escaped my lips and I knew that all I wanted right now was to eat and go home and sleep. I opened my mouth to tell El but she read my mine “I know I know we are almost finished” she said giving me a side hug and pushing me back into the dressing room. As I pulled my clothes back on my mind drifted to how Izzy was doing and if she was safe, I’m pretty sure Lou was reliable because she had a child of her own.  Although I liked a lot of the clothes I still was not used to the fact of buying things, especially using someone else’s money. I had counted the bills Harry had given me and it came to $1,500, who has that much money in their pocket anyway!!?
When I walked out El’s eyesbrows furrowed because she noticed I wasn’t holding any clothes to buy. “Ugh! Can you just buy one thing?” she said looking ashamed at the multiple shopping bags she held in her hand. “Ya know I think I should get a job. I really have a hard time spending money that isn’t mine if I’m honest” I said to her.  I walked her to the check out so that she could buy a few items from the store. “I know how you feel, when Louis and I got serious he sometimes treated me by giving me his credit card so I could buy stuff that I wanted. It took me a while to get used to it” she admitted.
I spotted Lou outside holding a few bags and giggled as I watched Izzy smile widely as she showed little Lux what was in the two bags she held on each arm. “Louis trusts you that much not to go crazy and buy the whole world? But hey I’ll be outside okay?” I said leaving behind El and meeting Lou and the girls at the door. “Honey you still have yet to buy something!” Lou said disapprovingly. “Will it make you guys happy if I buy one thing?” I huffed in annoyance looking at the few shops we had yet to go in. “Yes it will” she smiled causing me to roll my eyes and laugh. We waited outside for a good fifteen minutes and I was so confused why it was taking her so long.
“Hey I think I’m going to go alone for a bit. El said after this she was going to get me a phone so I will meet you guys at the apple store in like an hour. Izzy do you want to come with me or stay with Aunt Lou?” I asked bending over so we were at the same eye level. “I spend time with Auntie lots today so I come with you sissy” She smiled grabbing my hand. “Okay sweetie. Please be safe okay and the apple store is right down the street and to the left” Lou said kindly. I nodded and waved as I began to walk off towards a new street of shops.
“What you buy sissy?” she asked happily. “Nothing yet, what should I get?” I asked casually as we passed a vintage record store. Hmm this place looked interesting. “Buy clothes! Aunty Lou picked out a purty dwess for me!” she said excitedly. I kept an eye on her as we walked through the amazing store, maybe I could get something for Harry? I walked up to the counter and smiled at the boy who lazily sat flipping through a magazine. “Excuse me, can you show me all of your Beatles stuff?” I asked kindly almost laughing as the boys eyes drifted up and popped as they saw me. “oh yes ma’am right this way” he said in a rush leading towards the very back of the store. “This is all the stuff we have ma’am” he said nicely before waving to a shy Izzy at my feet. “Thank you!” I said as he moved aside to let me look at all of the amazing stuff. “We actually are the only store in the US that holds all of the albums with original artwork” he said conversationally causing me to look at him. “All of them?” I asked, I silently prayed he would say the White Album as one of them because that was Harry’s favorite album. “Yup, the most popular ones are Revolver, Abby Road, and The White album” he said proudly. “Holy shit, that’s amazing. Where are they?” I asked not seeing them in the pile of Beatles records. “Oh we have those locked in glass cases up at the front as like display” he said. “I want them. How much are they each?” I asked causing him to whip his head around to stare at me.
“You want to get all 3? They are about 400 each” he said slowly. That would be about $1,200 but since they are vinyl records I would have to get him a record player too. “Okay and I need a record player as well please” I said as he walked me over to the record player section. “Um I just need one that is under 300 please” I said with a blush because the boy seems so in awe at the fact that I was buying these expensive records. I just hoped Harry like it. He had to call his manager to get the Records out of their cases and boxing up a dark blue record player. “It’s really hot that a beautiful girl like you is into the Beatles” the boy said as he began to ring up the items. “Oh it’s actually for my boyfriend. I’ve never really heard of The Beatles” I said embarrassed because obviously The Beatles were legendary since they’re faces were all over the store. “YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THE BEATLES!? You have not lived! Do you have a few minutes?” he asked.
I glanced at the clock behind the boy and saw I still had like 15 minutes before I had to go to the Apple store. “Sure I’ve got a few minutes” I said watching him jog over to a giant machine that was lit up and held a book on the inside. He flipped through a few of the pages then pressed a button on the machine. “Oh I’m Eric by the way” he said reaching his hand out towards me. “Oh how rude of me, I’m Mina, and this is” I said signaling towards Izzy as she shouted her name. “It’s nice to meet you two” he smiled. All of a sudden loud music began to play from the machine and I laughed as Eric began to sing along, completely out of tune might I add.
“Well, shake it up, baby, now (shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout (twist and shout)
Come on, come on, come on, come on, baby now (come on, baby)
Come on and work it on out (work it on out)

Well, work it on out, honey (work it on out)
You know, you look so good (look so good)
You know, you got me goin' now (got me goin')
Just like I knew you would (like I knew you would)”
I laughed as him and Izzy began dancing around the store and I guess it was a good thing that no one currently was in the store at the moment. The song was actually really catchy and I found myself bobbing my head to the fast paced rocky music. No wonder Harry liked them so much. I can’t remember how many songs we listened to but I noticed a few people standing outside the window snapping a few photos as Eric grabbed my hand and spun me in a circle. The ding of the door caused us to turn and face a frantic looking Lou and El. “Where the hell have you been? You were supposed to meet us 15 minutes ago!” El said frantically pulling me into a hug. “Oh crap guys I am so sorry. I was just having fun with Eric, he was showing me some Beatles’ songs” I said smiling to him. I noticed El and Lou both glare at the boy and I was curious as to why they were looking at him like that. “Please don’t ever do that again we were so worried and Harry would kill us if we lost you” Lou said holding Lux up on her hip. “I’m really sorry guys. But to make you feel better I bought something!” I smiled realizing Eric and I had gotten so side tracked that I hadn’t even paid for my items.
“Thanks for showing me that group Eric it was really nice of you” I said as I handed him over all the money I had. “No thank you for making a boring day interesting! If you’re ever in the area you should call me and we can hang out sometime” he smiled writing down a few numbers onto the back of my receipt and handing it to me. “Oh uh thanks. See ya around” I smiled waving to him as we walked out the store. “If Harry see’s that he will be angry” El whispered into my ear grabbing the bag with the record player in it. “Why?” I asked curiously. She sighed and just ignored my question as we hailed another cab. “What did you get at that store?” Lou asked after telling the guy the directions back to the hotel. “I bought Harry 3 vintage Beatle albums and a record player” I smiled proudly as Lou and El gasped. “You used that money on him? Gosh you are such a sweet girl. Harold did very well” Lou smiled grabbing my hand and squeezing it. “Best girlfriend award goes to Mina and you’ve only been a girlfriend for a fucking day!” El groaned. “MINA SHE SAID FUCK!” Izzy screamed pointing at El with a shocked expression on her face causing us to all to laugh.

The ride back to the hotel was long because of traffic but once we got back I happily leaped onto the comfy bed taking Izzy with me. “Come on lets nap and when Harry get’s back we can show him his gift” I smiled to her as she nodded her head and snuggled into me. It didn’t take long at all for the darkness to overtake me and carry me to a blissful sleep.

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