The moment his emerald green eyes captured mine I couldn’t believe that I was staring at such beauty. The way the warm England breeze blew threw his wild curls instantly made him look like a model. But, I could only imagine what he thought of me. A girl with dirt stains on her pants and shirt, uncombed hair, and holey shoes. I was just the homeless girl.

His world was obviously so different than mine.

Just for a second I swore I could have seen deep dimples on the side of his cheeks as a small smile appeared on his face. “Uh did you not hear me? Get out of here!” the security guard asked. I regrettably tore my eyes away from the boy and nodded “Okay. Sorry again” I whispered.

“Mina…is dat boy got lotsa money?” she asked.

I chuckled and whispered “Yea. I think so” I said and continued down the long path exiting the wealthy neighborhood. “Mina and Izzy don’t got money wite?” she said.

She was right...we had nothing. We were homeless.


3. Dream

I wish I could tell you how long we had stayed at the coffee shop but I couldn't. All I could say was that the sun was setting and I had been trying to figure out what the best thing for us to do. Do I try to find my way back home? Or do I just stay here?

At the moment I was braiding Izzy's hair trying to stop thinking for a bit. But the thing that bothered me the most was how those piercing green eyes kept flooding my memory.

Harry seemed to have some enchanting effect about him and I'm pretty sure if any other girl met him they would feel the exact same way I did.

"Ma'am? Excuse Me?" I heard a voice say. I shook my head of my thoughts and looked over to find a middle aged man standing beside our table. I took a look around and noticed no one else was around.

"I'm sorry but we are closing. You need to leave" he said firmly.

Damnit! I looked towards my sister who had her eyes closed and was laying in my lap. "Um, can we stay for a few more minutes?" I asked quietly.

He looked me over and then sighed and took the seat across from me. "Look are you in some sort of trouble?" he asked. I as taken aback by his question and instantly laughed.

"What? No! Of Coarse not I just wanna let my sister sleep for a bit seeing as our parents will be here in a bit anyway" I lied.

I mean can you blame me for lying? People would think I was a freak if they knew I was homeless!

"Hunny, you can cut the act. I know your lying" he said slowly. My eyes widen and I coughed "Um I don't know what your talking about, I'm not-" I began but he only shook his head and walked away.

Great, a guy who was actually trying to be nice and talk to me I had to make him run away. Great! Just fucking great. What was I going to do now?

"Here, you and your sister look starved" he said reappearing with two pound cakes in front of him. I swear the last I had eaten food was a few days ago and the food in front of me instantly made my mouth water.

"I c-can't pay for it" I said honestly frowning and looking back out the window. "It's on the house. Just eat up" he smiled gently.

I looked at his face curiously seeing if he was being serious or not. But for some reason his light wrinkles and the twinkle in his eye made me believe him.

"Thank You" I said in a choked sob. I hated crying but this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. "Thank you so much" I said noticing my vision becoming blurry.

He smiled at me and gave my hand that was laying on the table a encouraging squeeze and then walked back to where the cash register was. "Hey, sweetie? Izzy, wake up" I said nudging her lightly.

"Mhmmm mornin" she mumbled. I laughed and kissed her cheek repeatedly until she groaned and playfully slapped my face away. "Here a nice man gave us pound cake" I said placing one in front of her.

"Oh my goodnesss!!! Is it cwismis?" she said excitedly snatching the pound cake and scarfing it down. "It's pronounced Christ-mas Izzy!" I laughed. "same ting!" she pouted.

I heard her stomach grumble again and instantly passed her my slice. "But dats yours sissy" she said. "Nah it's okay. You eat it" I said pushing her hair out of her face.

Although my stomach was begging me for food my sister's well being was way more important than mine. "Otay" she said softly and ate the pound cake way more slowly than the first one.

Probably savoring it this time, because we wouldn't know the next time when we got food. I glanced out the window watching people walk by looking so happy, couples holding hands, and families laughing together.

How did we get in this situation? I mean I knew exactly how we did but sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision by running away. Maybe it would have been better if we stayed...

"Mina, Im sweepy" Izzy yawned. "Okay, come on hop on my back" I said smiling softly as I felt her tiny arms wrap around my neck as I lifted her up.

"Let's go back to the playground?" I asked. She nodded her head softly and soon I felt her light breath on my neck. As I walked out I thanked the owner again for his generosity.

Despite my body screaming at me to stop and rest I kept going easily remembering how to get back to the place where those boys lived. My eyes were drooping a little begging for sleep but I wouldn't sleep until I knew my sister was safe.

It was actually pretty peaceful walking in the dark. We were away from the city so I could see most of the stars shining brightly above me.

I decided to take of my shoes as I walked because they were eventually going to break so I wanted to save them for when I really needed them.

The breeze was cool against my skin and for once I actually felt ok. Like everything around me was slowing down and I got to take the moment to observe the little beauties around me. Like the cool grass against my feet as I walked along the almost abandoned street.

And the sounds of the animals in the forests beside me, also the soft snores of my sister which I must say are insanely cute. I guess I was so caught up in my observations that before I knew it I was at a few feet away from the gate.

It was probably around 2a.m or something and I had completely forgotten about the stupid gate. There was no way in hell I could climb over it without waking up my sister.

I noticed a car was coming from behind me and ducked behind the nearby tress so that I could be hidden. I watched as someone punched a code in and the gates opened up.


I crept closer and thought of an idea. But with my luck another care wouldn't come for the next hour.

I was pretty defeated until I saw the bright lights of a car pulling up onto the street. YES!

Once it neared close enough and almost came to a stop to put the code in, I hid on the side of it so that when we got through the guard wouldn't see me. I crouched down beside the car feeling as if my body was going to give out on me any second but smiled as the gates opened and I kept up with the car that went through.

Once we passed the guard the car went and turned into a group of houses and I ran the other direction towards the playground.

Why a rich big neighborhood like this would have a playground I have no idea, but it was the cleanest, safest, and nicest place we had slept at so far so I wasn't complaining.

I found our normal spot in the tube but decided it would be to cramped for the both of us, so I placed Isabella into it making sure not to wake her up. Once she was situated I kissed her forehead and whispered "I love you" into her ear.

I also pulled of the hoodie I had on and placed it around her for extra warmth during the cool nights. Which left me in a tank top and capris. I decided to sleep on the slide that was right in front of the tube so that I could watch her and be there if anything happened.

The second my head hit the slide I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I was about to sleep. Although, the up righted position I was in was very uncomfortable I tried to make it work.

I used my arms as a pillow and placed them under my head and curled into a ball so that my legs wouldn't be hanging over the edge of the slide. I happened to glance over at the house again and frowned softly, how I wish things were different.

Sometimes all I ever wanted was to wake up in a warm bed with the smell of bacon and eggs in the air. But I knew that was only something that would happen in my dreams.

With one last look up at the stars I let my weary eyes finally sleep like they had wanted and felt myself become indulged in the darkness.

At least I would be able to get away from the hell of a life I was living for a while.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up surrounded by fluffy things...it almost felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Hmm must still be asleep, this is a pretty nice dream.

I cuddled closer into the heavenly pillows and sheets just enjoying the dream while it lasted. Except these sheets smelled amazing to say the least...kind of like a guy or something.

I rolled over and felt something warm and big beside me so I automatically cuddled closer against it. Damn, I wish I could have this dream every night. I even swore I could actually smell breakfast in the back round.

Yup, this was hands down the best dream. Ever.

"Do you think we should wake them up?" a familiar voice said. Hold on....LIAM?

My eyes shot opened to find Zayn, Liam, and 2 other boys I had never met looking down at me. I was about to just laugh and go back to enjoying my dream until something moved beside me.

I looked over and saw the brown curls first and then the fluttering of eyes until I saw those bright green orbs come into view.

"Good Morning" Harry smiled.

At first my mind froze...how the hell were they all in my dream? That was kind of weird. But the moment Isabella came in and jumped on the bed I knew that this was no freaking dream.

This was real life.....and then that's when a scream erupted from my body.


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