The moment his emerald green eyes captured mine I couldn’t believe that I was staring at such beauty. The way the warm England breeze blew threw his wild curls instantly made him look like a model. But, I could only imagine what he thought of me. A girl with dirt stains on her pants and shirt, uncombed hair, and holey shoes. I was just the homeless girl.

His world was obviously so different than mine.

Just for a second I swore I could have seen deep dimples on the side of his cheeks as a small smile appeared on his face. “Uh did you not hear me? Get out of here!” the security guard asked. I regrettably tore my eyes away from the boy and nodded “Okay. Sorry again” I whispered.

“Mina…is dat boy got lotsa money?” she asked.

I chuckled and whispered “Yea. I think so” I said and continued down the long path exiting the wealthy neighborhood. “Mina and Izzy don’t got money wite?” she said.

She was right...we had nothing. We were homeless.


2. Car Rides

“Welp atweast we got elanted baths!” she squealed. I giggled at her mispronunciation but walked her along until we were finally out of sight of the neighborhood.

It was about a 30 minute walk back to where we “lived” and we had already walked about halfway until a car pulled up beside us on the road.

I didn’t want to look at it because I was insanely scared I would see some crazy man holding candy trying to get us to get in the car with him. I heard the window roll down and instantly pulled Isabella closer to my side.

“Hey do you need a ride?” a male voice asked. I turned towards the car and instantly gasped at how beautiful it was.

It was a deep grey color that was slick and shiny; it also held the same three boys in it which almost caused me to have a heart attack. My eyes immediately locked to the driver, those eyes and brown curly hair I could recognize from anywhere now.

The voice though came from a boy with dark black hair and honey amber eyes held a sort of mystery to them. I just now realized that they had pulled off the road and waited beside me as I stood frozen.

“Heyyyy your da boys wits lots a money!” Isabella smiled beside me.

A blush crept up onto my cheeks as the boys smiled at her, I knelt down to her leave trying hard not to look desperate as I said. “Yes Izzy, people have money” I said in a whispered.

“But we d-“ she began. “Izzy we gotta get home to mom and dad. We don’t want to be late for lunch right?” I said in a rush hoping the boys didn’t hear what she was going to say.

I tried to hold in my laugh at her confused expression as I turned back to the boys. “Um no thanks! That was really sweet of you though. Bye!” I smiled softly and continued walking again but the car on drove beside us.

“Are you sure we really wouldn’t mind!” a boy with short brown hair and warm chocolate eyes, he resembled a puppy dog.

“Mina! My feet hurted!” Izzy whined, I rolled my eyes at her but looked back at the boys, specifically the curly haired one who just stayed silent staring at me like he was deciphering my life.

“I don’t know, I don’t really get rides from strangers” I mumbled feeling incredibly stupid.

Here I was being offered a ride by 3 of the hottest guys I had ever seen in my whole 18 years of life and I was acting like a protective loser. “No worries! I’m Zayn” the dark haired one said.

“And I’m Liam!” he said happily. “I’m Harry” the green eyed one finally said with a deep seductive voice.

I swear I never realized how much of an idiot I could be until this moment. I couldn’t even speak or say my name because of how Harry made me feel.

But, also I wasn’t very good and meeting people, I mean I have no friends. “Hi! Me Isabella, and she Mina. My sissy!” Izzy smiled excitedly.

The deep voice pulled me out of my thoughts as Harry parked the car and surprised me by getting out and walking over to us.

I had to look up a bit at his towering figure and immediately felt intimidated but I couldn’t hide the smile as he bent down to Isabella’s height and whispered to her.

She began giggling madly and nodded her head. “Anyways do you think your sister here would let us give you two a ride home?” he asked her but kept smiling at me. Those dimples! Maybe somewhere in the middle of the night I had gotten murdered and now I was in heaven.

That is the only explanation for the god like person to be in front of me right now.

“I tink she would. She walks me erywhere!” she said. My eyes widened at her bluntness and quickly said “Not always usually I take her in my car but it’s in the shop you know?” I said smoothly.

“But you-“ she began looking at me strangely. “Sure! We will get a ride” I said praying that it would distract Izzy.

I guess my plan worked as she clapped happily and captured Harry’s leg in a hug as he stood up. He smiled down at her with the cutest expression and then he looked at me. “Come on” he said softly tilting his head towards the boys who had happy expressions on their faces.

Once in the car Isabella was seated in between Zayn and I in the back seat while Liam was in the front and Harry was driving.

My social awkwardness was insanely obvious because every time they asked me a question I would answer shyly and look out the window, especially when Harry would talk to me. There was just something about his voice that made me feel like he actually cared.

Which I know he didn’t.

Eventually I settled on staring at the passing cars while Isabella ranted to them about random things. “Where are we dropping you off exactly?” Harry asked. “Ummm” I had no idea where we were but basically we could find a place to sleep anywhere so I settled on a place down the street from a coffee shop we had passed. “Here is fine. Thanks again you guys” I smiled.

I guess the reason why I didn’t want to talk to them despite their friendliness was because I knew I would never see them again.

“No problem! It was nice meeting you two. It’s awesome to meet people that don’t freak out when they see us” Liam said. We had parked in front of a nail salon or something and I jumped hearing my door open beside me.

Harry stood holding the door open for us as we stepped out. I still could not get over how gorgeous the guy was and I couldn’t understand why he was being nice. I mean weren’t rich people usually snobs?

I shot him a quick thank you as I helped Izzy out and made sure she was okay. Gosh, we looked terrible; I wonder why the boys didn’t mention it I mean it was so obvious we weren’t from around here. “Bye bye!” Izzy waved as we walked away.

“Hey it was nice meeting you Isabella, especially you Mina” Zayn winked. Holy Shit! He just winked at me! I dropped my head and looked at the ground as a blush crept on my cheeks.

I really hope they couldn’t see me. “Uh thanks again. Bye” I said quickly turning around and eying the shops that we were surrounded by.

I still felt the boys eyes on my back and knew I need to walk in somewhere so they would leave so I settled on the coffee shop place. “But what bout da bath?” Izzy frowned. “We will go there I promise!” I said poking her cheek.

She smiled up at me and I bent down to kiss her cheek. As we entered in the coffee shop I looked back at the car backing out.

The windows were down so I could see that Liam and Zayn were talking amongst themselves but I caught Harry looking at me with those intense green eyes. They held a sort of sadness in them almost like he had figured out I was homeless or something.

I’m pretty sure I had covered up and of Isabella’s slip ups so there was no way he could know.

I almost felt sad as I watched him finally drive off and back to their perfect life. Now I was back to reality and dealing with the fact I had no idea where we were or how to get home.

I had no idea how we were going to eat, or where we were going to sleep. But, I couldn’t break down I had to be strong for Isabella.

I had to be strong for the both of us.

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