Imagine this...

Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam imagines don't you wish your hole life revolved around them...? I do! So here are some imagines to keep you hopeful of that cute relation ship everyone wants!


2. Zayn imagine...


you and Zayn met when you were in pre-school and have been best friends since. You love Zayn but keep it at the back of your head with other pointless thoughts. You know he doesn't feel the same way which makes you constantly sad but you push that to the back of your mind too. You are always having so much fun, and he always makes you happy. When your with him your always smiling. 

It's a Saturday morning and Zayn rings you up asking if you want to go to the beach with him and the boys. You reply with a promising yes! Whilst you at the beach your talking to Zayn and having a laugh whilst all the boys are getting ice creams. You hear you phone ringing but don't want to answer it as it will interrupt you and Zayn but it won't stop "urgh"  you grunted.


"Hi is this (Y/N)

you started to get worried. "ermm yeahh can i help you?"

"Your father has been found injured in a car crash and will not make it much longer."

you broke down on the floor tears pouring from your face

"What is it?" Zayn asked moving closer towards you cradling you in his big strong arms. 

"My dad, had a car crash. My mum is a druggie and my dad has had a car crash what is it with my family. It will be me next..."

"Look i know it probaly isn't the best time to tell you this and you obviously don't feel the same but i love you and have for ages now i havn't told you because i was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way but here now i am telling you i love you and i want to be with you forever be mine?"

"YES" you jumped into his arms kissing him passionately sparks flying every where. " I have felt the same way for ages too  i love you Zayn."

 And from that day forward you moved in with the boys and have been with Zayn for long time and both see the relationship moving forward.

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