Imagine this...

Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam imagines don't you wish your hole life revolved around them...? I do! So here are some imagines to keep you hopeful of that cute relation ship everyone wants!


4. niall imagine...



"but sweetie i really want you to go with me to the Brits, please i really need your support!" Niall begged you it was Wednesday morning and you were still in bed with niall sitting on your stomach begging you to go.

"babe i hate big crowds you know i do. there will be to many people there!!!" you sleepily said trying your hardest to persuade Niall not to make you go. 

"i will look after you, remember we'll be performing tonight, the new single as well please please pleaseeee! i will do anything just as long as you go with me to the awards. seeing you there will be whats telling me perform your best. please i will literally do anything."  you smiled cheekily.  "anything, huh??" you questioned Niall as all the thoghts rushed through your head as what you could get Niall to do. "yeah anything you just have to be there.   

you nodded "alright i will go but you have to be my slave!" niall smiled before leaning down and hugging you pecking your lips in the process.   

"thank you, thank you, thank you, HANG ON i have to be your slave, for how long?   you smirked and pretended to think about it just to tease Niall, it was working, because he had a worried look on is face.  "urmm i will be nice to you, how about 4 days"  Niall breathed out 

"phew i thought you were going to say for like a year or something!"  Niall said making you laugh.   "you just made a big mistake i could always change it i think i might now you've said it!  you joked to niall but he took it seriously and was begging you not to. you shouted joking before sitting up sending Niall flying. he fell on the floor hitting his head "ouch, Niall said while you sat on the bed laughing uncontrollably.

"Hey its not funny, it really hurt" niall pouted and held his head.   " awww baby come here you said and climbed out of bed sitting on Niall's lap and kissing his head, "Better?" you ask Niall, but he shook his head. "no I think i hurt my lips as well" he said playfully. You kissed his lips once, but he couldn't stick only kissing you once. "my lips still hurts" he moaned.

you sighed but gave him a kiss, it was longer and Niall really did want you he wouldn't let you go. you pulled away 

"m-much better" niall said blushing extreamly pink. you loved it when he blushed he looked incredibly cute. "you look so cute  when you blush"  you blurted out by accident. he laughed before standing up and helping you up.
you went to have a shower and as you stood under the hot water of the shower letting it run down your body you started to think of what you could wear. you had nothing. you turned the water off wrapping a towel round you. you walked into yours and Niall's room grabbing your clothes a cute bra and pants and running straight back to the bathroom. changing into skinny jeans a hoddie and your uggs. before screaming form niall 

"Niall were are you, its important i have a crisis!!!" you walked round the corner and he jumped out making you jump "Niall i have nothing to wear" you screamed at him. "what for love" he said calmly making you even more stressed about it. "for the Brit awards" you screamed again.  "okay okay calm down, we will go shopping now get the car keys and we'll go." you got the keys but paused 

"Niall all the dresses are going to cost so much how am i supposed to pay for them" you said getting into the car. Niall jumped in. "(Y/N) i'm in a world wide boy band that earns thousands a day i will pay for it babe" you shook your head protesting. "urmm yes my beautiful princess i'm buying you your first princess dress"  you laughed Niall loved calling you his princess you thought it was adorable.

you got to the dress shop and as soon as you walked in you were in heaven. "i love these dresses, there all so gorgeous" you said in Niall's ear. "go look for one then princess" he said

"come with me pleaseeee" you begged he followed you found one it was a black strapless one and it came up a little bit over you knees and it had gems all over the top of the dress and the gems would get smaller and flow down the side of it 

" i want this pwease pwease pwease!" you said to niall not even bothering to look at the price tag. you had shoes to go with it at home so you were fine. "okay, you'll look beautiful in that dress babe" Niall whispered in your ear making you blush. Niall took it to the cash register and the women scanned it. "that will be £1000 pounds please!"  your jaw dropped. "Maybe i should choose a different one", you said to niall but he shook his head "urmm maybe you shouldn't choose a different one" Niall said back before swiping his club card. you took the bag and headed home. the whole car ride home you were saying thank you to Niall and the whole way home he was either saying shut up ot its OK now shut up to you. 

you got to the house and it was 2 hours until you had to leave so you had another shower and curled your hair. you slipped into your dress zipping it up at the back. you applied your make up carefully before stepping into your black heels that had gems on the side. it was time to go and Niall was calling you. you walked downstairs and there was Niall in his suit looking really handsome. he looked up ans his jaw dropped when he saw you "wow..." Niall breathed as he stared at you in awe.  you grabbed each others hands and walked to the car driving to the arena. when you got there it was busy and this was the exact reason you didn't want to go. you sat at the table with the rest of the boys and drank wine most of the night Niall had performed and the whole time he was looking at you. it was the last award and you were crossing your fingers hoping niall and his band had won something. " and the winners of the global success goes to.... ONE DIRECTION!!!" you hugged Niall and the others boys and they went to collect their award. they said there thank you's and waved to their parents. then Niall got handed the mic. 


"i would like my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N) to come on stage." Niall said into the mic harry and louis came to you before pretty much dragging you to the stage and standing you in front of Niall

"(Y/N) i have loved you since the day we met and i will always love you for the rest of my life your beautiful, funny and your always there when i need you the most so i was wondering...." he got down on one knee with a box in his hands your eyes started to brim with water. "(Y/N) will you do the honor of becoming my wife, will you marry me?" you tried to speak but nothing was coming out so in the end you just nodded before Niall slipped the ring on your finger it being a perfect fit. you hugged then kissed really romantically like no one else was in the room. flashes of cameras were going of the croud was cheering and whistling and you could feel your self blushing you sat back down and for the rest of the night you admired the ring!!! xox


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