Imagine this...

Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam imagines don't you wish your hole life revolved around them...? I do! So here are some imagines to keep you hopeful of that cute relation ship everyone wants!


5. imagine with Niall and Gabrielle


you have had a crush on Niall for a very long time, ever since you met him, you had been best friends with louis and when he was put in the band your parents died of a car crash meaning you had no one to look after you, louis and his band kindly took you in and from that day you have been living with him. for the past couple years your feelings for Niall had grown and you really had to fight hard not to tell him. Only Louis knew about your love for his band mate and he was perfectly happy about it, He said that you were perfect for him and that you were the type of person Niall needed!

you were waiting for them to get back from tour. you pulled out your phone to text Louis asking when he would be back, but as you just pulled up louis name your phone buzzed and the caller id was Louis. 

"Hey my beautiful best friend what you up to?" Louis screamed down the phone...

"just waiting for you and the boys to get back BooBear!" you said back to him.

"have fun urm someone told me to tell you to open the front door. so do it while i'm on the phone to you!"

"okayy!" you said through the phone, what had Louis done this time, you opened the door to... "SURPRISE!!!!!" all the boys were at the door and you hugged Louis straight away

"i know you have only been gone for a month and a half but i missed you so much!" you screamed hugging louis tight before letting go and hugging the rest of the group tight. 

"want to watch a film?" Niall said walking straight to the fridge "we brought a new one while we were in California, they had really good horror movies there!" Niall said again before any of the other boys could speak.

you all laughed at niall as he sat down with a big packet of crisps and a drink. you nodded your head sitting next to Niall and Louis sitting on the other side of you. you smiled at him as harry put the film in.

usually you didn't get scared at horror movies but this one was different, it wasn't even half way through and you were gripping hold of niall's arm. the boys would laugh at you every time you got scared and screamed hiding into Niall even Niall was laughing. The movie ended and you started to play truth or dare

"louis, truth or dare?" harry asked Louis 

"DARE!!" he shouted and we laughed harry ended up daring him to run outside naked 30 seconds which Louis did.

"Niall, truth or dare?" Louis asked Niall 

"urmm DARE!" Louis nodded and niall looked unsure 

"Niall you have to make out with Gabrielle for 3 minutes!" louis said you looked at Niall he looked at you and shrugged his shoulders before walking up to you holding your waist! you put one hand on his face and the other on his shoulder and your lips connected. you had always dreamed of this happening and now you got it but it was a dare he didn't feel anything of it, you wished he knew how much you loved him but he didn't. half way through the game Niall and Louis went out the room and came back in 10 minutes later and as Niall walked in it was his go again  

"Niall truth or dare" Louis asked Niall 

"DARE!" niall said without hesitation this time

"OK, i dare you to confess something to Gabrielle that you always have wanted to but in your bedroom." Niall nodded and you walked upstairs.


as soon as you reached his room he shut the door locking it and picked you up trowing you on the bed his lips automatically meeting yours and his tongue instantly exploring your mouth you kissed back after a couple seconds what was happening did Niall like you too... he ripped your shirt of you and kissed your neck leaving a mark each time, you ripped his shirt of your hands exploring his body as you kissed h left your lips kissing from your jawline to the bottom of your stomach and all the way back up. he pulled your shorts of you pulling his jeans of and your hands entwined as he pulled them above your head roughly kissing your lips biting your bottom one every now and then just to tease you he held himself up above you before getting close you could feel his cool minty breath on your cheek as he whispered those 3 words you could only dream about that came out of his mouth "i love you Gabrielle! there i said my dare" 

"i love you to Niall i have for a very long time"  you said to him as your hands traced along his back him still hovering over you. "Gabriellewill you be my princess?" he asked you, you nodded and kissed his lips. "get in there Niall!!!" you heard the boys say before running of down stairs 

The rest of that night was filled with sex, moans kissing, each others company and then of course more sex!!!!




here you go Gabrielle sorry its not really that dirty but i couldn't think of anything xoxox hope you liked it 


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