Imagine this...

Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam imagines don't you wish your hole life revolved around them...? I do! So here are some imagines to keep you hopeful of that cute relation ship everyone wants!


1. Louis imagine...



you and Louis had been going out for 3 months and you and the boys of his band one direction had became quite good friends but you and Louis were so close he was not only your boy friend but your best friend as well! you and Louis would always mess around go to the park, swimming pools, or just have movie nights in. you would always have fun no matter what you do. you and the boys were sat around on the couch watching Toy story (liam wanted to) you were all getting a bit bored.

"hey why dont we go to the beach" Harry suggested. 

you all agreed and ran up stairs to get ready.

you grabbed a towel and stripped off your clothes, you hopped in the shower enjoying the warm water since you knew the sea water would be so cold. you turned the water off and stepped out wrapping the towel around you. you grabbed some shorts, a cute vest top and a small cardigan. you put your green and white polka dot bikini on before slipping on your shorts and top!  You scrapped your hair up into a pony tail and grabbed your phone and sunglasses. you ran down and slipped your flip flops on. 

"hey babe you look amazing" louis said to you, you blushed before pecking him on the cheek. 


right guys lets go everyone shouted as you all piled into the van. there was one less seat so you sat on Louis lap. when you reached the beach you and Louis screamed were here before running to the sand. you lay a blanket down sitting on it together. 

"i love you (Y/N)" Louis said looking straight into your eyes. his blue eyes green highlights flying through them like shooting stars you couldn't resist but dreamily stare into them. 

"oh sorry Louis I love you so much more!"  you smiled at each other and Louis pecked your lips.

the other boys joined you and you all ran to the water, louis picked you up trowing you in the harsh choppy water. it was so cold. 
"LOUIS!!!" you shouted while he stood there laughing. 

Louis picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist you kissed and you could hear people shouting what are you doing and your gunna get yourself's killed. 

you felt a big splash of water hit you and you almost let go of Louis. but your kiss held you together!!!

Louis carried you out the water before hugging you and resting your foreheads together 

"do you wanna know why I did that even though we could of got killed!" you nodded slightly.

"its because I wanted to see if our love for each other was strong enough..."  you smiled and kissed Louis hugging him tightly. 

"Louis I really love you, you know that right!!" he nodded this time and the rest of the night you sta on the cliff edge with a blanket around both of your shoulders as you watched the sun go down!!! 


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