Wanted You More

Jessie is the top in her class, head-strong, basically the definition of your perfect girl, but had no intentions of trying to be like every other girl, trying to get Zayn, the good looking, football star to like her.... she doesn't even really like him. But when Jessie get assigned to help get Zayn's grades up, he realizes that she is different from everyone else, will Jessie cave into giving Zayn a chance or just continue think he is a spoiled, stuck-up ass?


2. The News

     A hour later, the bell rang and everyone started to swarm towards the door. I usally wait till everyone leaves, but this time I wanted to be the first out of class. I picked up my books and silently walked towards the door with all the other students, but Mrs. Link wanted me and Zayn.  Great. "Jessie, Zayn please come here." she said. We walked over there, and waited for her to tell us what she wanted. "Mr.Brown wants to see you two." I nodded and walked out of the room. Zayn came after me. We walked in pure silence, no word was said. We finally got there, thank god. That was awkward. "Mrs. Evans, take a seat please." I sat down. "Zayn, you too." He did the same. "So, Mr.Brown, what do you need?" I asked. No need to be rude, but I really wanted to get to lunch. "Well, Jessie. As you know, you are the top student in your grade, straight A's, and no days missed this year." I nodded, knowing it was all true. "Since you have the top grades, you need to tutor Zayn. His grades are dropping majorly, and if he doesn't pass the 10th grade, well neither do you." Zayn laughed, and said "This will be fun." "Mr.Brown, I haven't got time I-" I got cut off."Jessie, You have to. You have no choice. Sorry. Now, go to lunch." We got shooed out of the room. "This is all your fault!" I screamed at him. "MY fault? Your the one with top grades. Well, see ya after school, Jess." He laughed and ran down the hall to the lunchroom.

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